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  1. A little something i have been messing with.
  2. Looking very nice indeed. Just fix the shadows, they look really harsh and i think you will be golden
  3. Crackerjack


    looking good and looking fun! But im going to have to agree with the comment on the 90 degree road turns, those deff need to be rounded
  4. Yeah it doesnt look to dark for on the snarkpit forums. But damn does this map look fun to play on, alot of nice z-axis action, wide open areas but with restricted paths. Looks real nice. Maybe dont even add textures but instead color the map with different shades of blue for lighting?
  5. I had this problem for a fuckin year... what I did is a couple things really, I just didnt think about modding or mapping, excersized, and actually began doing alot of painting. Spay painting that is, designing stuff like that is alot of fun. other than always having to sitting down to design a map or shit on the computer. Basically dont sit down anymore.. your body hates that you sit alot! Right now its fuckin with my head cause now i have a job where i sit down all day in front of comp
  6. Are you guys a "professional" mod that kinda of acts like a game development company. I want to know whats its like to be on the INS team before even considering that much.
  7. hey where did you get Dietrich's golden gun from! I want I want!
  8. Crackerjack

    zbrush test

    Hmm its really hard to tell whats what in that last picture, I would suggest more contrast between the skull with horns and the skulls its layin gon, I can barely tell what its laying on. I just know from the topic title so yeah. Good work so far.
  9. WOW! Congrats KFS!!! Glad to hear he was born healthy. Now seriously, R_speeds?
  10. Yeah I did leave ND, But we were testing gameplay and not making maps beautiful... I will release this map soon to test gameplay. But I want to make some more adjustments to the layout. This might just turn into a SP map.
  11. Stolve i cant show any of the stuff from ND brother. All that is HL2 textures and props, and i havent even started on the art pass. Its all gameplay im worried about. im not trying to make a beautiful map then worry about gameplay. I said this in the post... does nobody read it?
  12. Okay here is the other map. Another WIP. This one i spent more time on, none of the textures, detail and building brushwork are final (note the buildings appear to have no damage). What i personally like to do is work on gameplay first... then move onto detail... as I did with October. Havent started adding detail to it yet. Also this map is up for grabs to any mod that might think it fits theme. Basically these two shots are an atmosphere test and gameplay test, as you can see the layout below. Please dont mind the red dots they are there for me.
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