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  1. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie ... playType=2 Here is an auction of every nes game EVERMADE!!! Its an intimidating sight.
  2. No i dont really care much about the ps3 and i know most of you guys dont either, but i saw this article and this really made me laugh http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6154376.stm
  3. i really like the ps3 commercials, but not the european version, still not enough to laydown 800
  4. jfas


    fletch wins the myspace cookie très bien, mine isnt as stylique but it is pink http://www.myspace.com/jfas
  5. jfas

    Nature Preserve

    Me gusto the overlapping shadows of the leaves in the first photograph
  6. I am very surprised that solvents are ranked as less dangerous than cannabis.
  7. thats just like your OPINION MAN...wow great arguement, like anything that beings with "german tv is fucked up" is going to create some cold hard facts. the fact is, i know lots of people who watch it with their parents, i didnt, because i hated that show, but whatev the point is your acting like a 60 year old baby
  8. i took out the img tag so you just have to click now, and ya thats me in the ad
  9. jfas

    DOD_Anemia by FMPONE

    did anyone else get a chuckle with "based off sturm"? anyway, it looks slick the only thing i really noticed that was lacking was a 3d skybox
  10. So a few of us at mapcore go to school here, I happen to be a Junior now (how time flys) in the advertising program, and last quarter I did an advertisement for the school's advertising program. It ran in the June issue of Creativity Magazine, which is an advertising/art directors publication. Here it is! http://jonathanfasulo.com/hadley/creati ... nathan.jpg
  11. jfas

    Guitar newb

    listen to old american jazz and try and copy what they do
  12. Sweet shots. Also Spellbinder, remember good cameras dont take good photographs, people do.
  13. can you try to get it a little brighter maybe?
  14. i dont think misinformation is funny, i think its disgusting. testifying to the people who make our laws about things they dont really know about. some experts huh, but i guess there were probably WMD in iraq too
  15. that was a tfc map? did you redo that for dod? i remember playing that map i thought
  16. ya....i dont really.... "make" maps anymore... i decided to go into advertising design basically what ive done in college so far is on my website : http://rockandrollrailroad.com/ notice there are no more maps in my portfolio ):
  17. So awhile back some of you may remember i posted a picture of my wrists cut open, and I said i'd post the final pictures, its been awhile since i took intro to photo but this was my final for it, these are all scans of the final prints, and they are not very good scans, so you cant really judge the print quality, but i thought i'd show you anyway. Maybe some day i'll scan in the film negatives and touch up the photos digitally. ANYYYY WHO.... edit: well i guess you can hotlink images from my host so i'll just up the urls http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... fesink.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res%20jpgs/guy.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... y_dead.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... chelle.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... e_dead.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res%20jpgs/jon.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... n_dead.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res%20jpgs/alex.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... x_dead.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... chelle.jpg http://rockandrollrailroad.com/low-res% ... e_dead.jpg
  18. the 1 goal T&T had at the very end vs england that was called back for off sides where he kicked the ball from behind was the probably coolest shot ive seen yet
  19. jfas

    Evening shots

    thats interesting, i like the pictures by the way they remind me of dean chamberlain which i'd recommend taking a look at http://www.deanchamberlain.com/
  20. jfas

    Evening shots

    what was your appeture/exposure time for that second picture (the one polaris reposted)
  21. it plays on a cell phone? jewel jam? diamondquest? it sounds like a bejeweled with herpes which frankly sounds awesome
  22. jfas

    beautifull flowers

    im sure youre going for some sort of style but sun in the shot is bad form, its really annoying staring at the sun, try and keep your back to it as much as possible
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