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  1. mandy lane


    not really.. i have the game tho.. the textures are cleaner and better but the.. feel of GUI AND HUD are weird. so i dont like it that much.
  2. we all have different opinions. for me cs go is too much details like the devs was trying too hard to polish the game
  3. i dont know why but i like cs source better.. just add some mods to the weapons and skins and it looks as good as CS GO i own cs go but i think its ugly
  4. very cool.. this is one of the best games from 1999.
  5. mandy lane


    the layout is already done. i have it in my head.. i dont like to work that way to put dev textures. yeah i use HDR for lights.. this is very early work in progress thanks. the exit sign was my idea.
  6. mandy lane


    enjoy this gameplay demo
  7. mandy lane


    a new place.. working on it
  8. this is a map cs_apartment. so far i made 2 rooms
  9. mandy lane


    hey its mandy. a new member.. this is a cs source map. im re-creating a real place in stockholm, sweden where i live
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