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  1. Ofc the do know how a map should be built, what works, what does not work. Who do the mappers build the maps for? for public servers only? I am not able to write on this site without being frustrated? So the maps people built for this competition was only for fun with compensation if lucky? What i read from the article this maps will be on the faceit hub and as far as i know most people on faceit play competetive cs? Is it not supposed that the maps that are created should actually be played in the professional scene? Otherwise i dont know why casters etc should judge the maps? The goal was probably to get the maps to be played from everyone, both people who compete in cs and people who just plays for fun. Well, nvm then, people gets to butt-hurt when writing anything that they does not want to hear on this site.
  2. Great maps, even so, the only map i actually think would be a great map to see on tournaments etc is mutiny. I have spent hours on these maps trying to figure out tactics smokes etc and tbh the only map i see REAL potential in is mutiny. I would really like to see in the next competition that the judges put more interests in the gameplay etc rather than 25 points in graphics. Another map that actually had great potential in gameplay was mocha but that map didnt make it this far. This should imo stand between mutiny and mocha. I am one of those who would like to see a new map every year in tournaments, but to often the maps that is created is created only to look good. And where is the pro players who actually knows a thing or two about how a map should be built? Anyways great job all of you who actually made it this far, i am a bit dissapointed thats all Laugh all you want lizard, only because i didnt mention your map. It looks awsome, cant see how it would even stand a chance in gameplay against those map i mentioned. But hey what do i know, i only played cs since 1.3 and competed/played with top players in 1.6. Shame on me!
  3. Okej, wow thats nice of you, i will send you a pm
  4. Hey love the map, where did you get those rock models from? are they in hammer from fresh install? peace! keep up the good work
  5. Those rocks, are they in csgo sdk? Keep up the good work, love the map
  6. Yeah, i agree with the others, keep on working with this map. I feel that this map is different from other maps, and the idea behind the achor to be bombed is awsome.
  7. Wow, i really love this map and see the potential. I tried the different timings on it and felt that it was ok. I just wonder about where ct and t meet outside b-site, are the terrorist able to cross to the truck before ct sees them?
  8. I really love the map, when i was running around on it i really didnt like that your not able to run in the water. It is an good idea but there is quite a big part of the map that you are not able to run at, just walk. I feel that it forces players to go certain ways to avoid being slow. For example around the b site (which i really think you should be able to move freely), if you are tight of time you are forced to a certain path. Or in t-spawn, the left path is instant walk. (maybe make the water a bit deeper in t-spawn so you will walk but around the b-site you are able to move freely) I need to play competetive on it to see if it feels better i think And i do understand that in the way it forces you to walk have alot impact on the timeings on the map aswell Other than that i love the map.
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