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    [CS:GO] Second World

    Something that jumps out to me immediately is it seems like no matter where you are there are dozens of angles you have to watch out for which can make the gameplay feel very overwhelming. In addition, there seem to be multiple paths scattered everywhere (a few involving parkour elements) which could also feel overwhelming. If you compare it to Valve maps, they have very simple layouts overall but feel like they have more depth due to visuals. This may just be my personal taste but bombsite A feels very difficult to retake as there are a lot of long and parkour involved sight-lines that can lead to even a single T waiting for a defuse and taking a cheap shot. B site could use some more cover on the plant area but without a smoke grenade (and even that you can spray through it) it seems very difficult to defuse on either bombsite. There are also a lot of tight areas, one being going into A site which could be very frustrating to play with when you have a teammate blocking you. I think you could have an interesting mechanic forcing 1 by 1 using tight areas but i'm personally not sure this is spot for it. Molotov's and smokes spread quite far so you can open up these areas and still give players the ability to cut them off. Lastly there are a lot of random corners that seem to be there just to camp while getting cheap shots off. I really don't like that hiding spots under the double stairs for example, it just seems frustrating to play against. Anyway, take my opinions with a grain of salt as I'm no expert on any of this.
  2. Looks great and like it was a lot of fun to do, excited to see more!
  3. Zimuus

    [CSGO] cs_wetland

    It's like the PS1 Silent Hill all over again haha
  4. Zimuus

    [Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

    I'll definitely have to give this a try! Grats on completing it
  5. I really like the tower addition, map is coming together nicely.
  6. Haven't had the chance to look in-game but from looking at what's shown here I have 2 worries: 1. Mid control seems really strong for CT's, it might worth looking into a longer but safer route to A (left) from T Spawn 2. The sky being so open could lead to very easy yet powerful flashes/smokes that are hard to play around
  7. I think they want custom props, not CSGO Valve props. I think FMPONE gave out the new Cache stuff somewhere.
  8. Cool trailer but only really shows about 30 seconds of the actual campaign, hopefully we can see some more of the actual campaign soon
  9. Map looks really big, do you plan on making incentives for players to move around? I worry they might find a spot and sit in it when, which is normal, but when you're working on such a large scale you'd hate to waste all that space.
  10. Zimuus

    [CS:GO] wm_creek

    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1917973316 I've messed around in Hammer a lot but not really gotten around to publishing much of anything, so my main goal was to finally get something out there I was satisfied with. Feedback is appreciated but it will probably go into whatever I make next. Also the new character model skins Valve added made my concerns for player visibility infinitely worse so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some feedback I received already was to alter grass colour so it blends better as well as the nuke silo not being so white.
  11. CSGO is the easiest as it doesn't require any scripting, except for placing a few brushes and changing their properties to be bomb sites (which is super simple!). L4D2 requires more scripting (although its fairly basic in-engine stuff for the most part), so I'd recommend starting with CSGO. Here is an amazing tutorial series by TopHATTwaffle which covers all the steps to making and uploading a complete CSGO map. After each video I'd recommend just messing around with what was taught in that video and you'll learn it pretty fast!
  12. Zimuus

    [CS:GO] de_Recycle

    Honestly the layout doesn't seem that bad its just very dull looking so far. Add more colours, different props, and maybe different ground in some places.
  13. While there is a lot of CSGO here, there are professionals from all ranges that are also active here, especially on the discord channel (which I'd recommend joining for quick feedback and inspiration from others). As a level designer you don't really make models that often, although it depends on what kind of level design parts you want to do (blocking or detailing for example). Usually the roles get split up, but the joy about doing it all yourself now is you will have a better understanding of how to make effective design choices that merge well between the stages. The only issue I have with designing dungeons for Fallout4 is that its not easy to make a mod just showing off level design, it usually requires compelling quests (which involve good writing, interesting ideas, and voice acting) to go along with it so its a bigger job. That is unless you just want to make things look pretty, but an effective level designer can make their work both look pretty and play well. I guess if you are fine with just making the levels look good you would want to apply for the detailing roles in the industry, so its not like you're completely out of luck. Hammer also has a wide variety of assets so don't be afraid to try it out, its just usually custom assets are what drive your map above and beyond other peoples work (although usually bigger projects like that will have multiple people working on them).
  14. I haven't played the game yet but from the screenshots I have to say the art direction looks all over the place. For example: Modern military outfits & multi-barrel shotguns -> fighting on wooden boats against pirates. Colourful main menu -> darker tones in-game. I suggest maybe trying to look back at the art and see if you can find a balance. The game itself seems pretty interesting though, reminds me of flash games I used to play at school with friends when I was supposed to be doing work! Also you're pretty early into the development but it would be cool to eventually see online multiplayer implemented as local multiplayer games are sorta dying (sadly).
  15. Zimuus

    [WIP] De_Metro

    The main issue I have just by looking at the pictures is it doesn't remind me of anything I've ever seen in real life. The layouts don't seem to really make sense and you have some weird texture choices. I highly recommend looking at references when making your environments so that you can better capture a living, breathing atmosphere.
  16. This makes me happy, I loved the game but was worried the lootcrate system would ruin it. Still won't preorder but I am saving the cash for if it turns out better.
  17. Zimuus

    [CS:GO] Voodoo (alpha)

    Needs a giant burger model in the background :^) Maybe you could take some L4D2 The Parish textures and models into this map, would definitely help since they are both based in New Orleans!
  18. Disney probably stopped them from making cosmetic micro's and we all know publishers cant go without micro's anymore so they had to do something. Sucks, especially with how some of them are blatant OP like 100% reduced damage during rocket barrage on Bobba or something like that.
  19. Zimuus

    [CS:GO] [WIP] Woods

    Not sure about the name so far but there is little detail added so maybe the structure will suit it better later. The layout however looks really nice, I especially love the simplistic yet unique B site. Having the sewer(?) line run through it is really cool. Most bomb sites are fairly flat masses of land where this changes that up a bit.
  20. Zimuus

    [WIP] de_golden

    Looking really good, some great changes you've made since the starting layout!
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