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  1. Glad to hear the layout wasn't a total bust lol. But yeah, I definitely need to work more on texturing, laying out props and really creating a theme/ mood. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I'm 6 episodes in and I really like it. It's different, and from what I've seen online I'm in the minority of liking the two main agents and their dynamic. It's interesting and beautifully shot, but does have an odd pace.
  3. Love the mood and atmosphere. That skybox is sweet! Nice Job
  4. Hey everyone! Been lurking here for a while and decided I really need to start putting my work out there to gather feedback. So, I did an 11 day level design challenge ( shout out World of Level Design!) and came out with de_Recycle. It's my first 'finished' map for CS:GO and I primarily wanted to practice with level geo. There was a lot of iterating to get it to where its at and I feel okay about it. Known Issues; Clipping - I haven't gone through and clipped the map at all. So you can easily get out of the map/ up to certain areas you shouldn't. For the 11 day challenge I did
  5. Those greybox images are looking great! Keep it up
  6. This looks like a lotta fun! Gonna keep my eye on it
  7. Joeganaut


    Just saw Dunkirk yesterday, and man was it good! Some seriously beautiful shots in this film. I didn't know much going in, so seeing how the stories were stitched together was very interesting. Also loved how the majority of the film was told through the character's actions and didn't rely as much on dialog. I felt it added weight to a lot of the scenes.
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