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  1. Hey guys, it has been 9 years now since we started working on our fully custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. Every now and then we posted progress or recruited new team members in this forum. Because of that i am happy to announce that the first part of our campaign is almost finished. It is a full length campaign with lots of custom content, and will be released before the end of this year. The workshop link will be posted here as soon as the campaign goes life. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer we created. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB5khlK26lI&feature=emb_logo
  2. Dear Everyone, we are looking for 2D/3D artists that can help us create and refine the second part of our Left4Dead 2 campaign set in pripyat, the reactor, and the wastelands in between. Who are we Currently we are 4 people from germany and the netherlands, working on finishing the first part of our 2 part campaign. This journey is going on for 8 years now and helped us solidify our own skills and ways of content creation. Now that we almost reached our first big milestone we want to search for experienced and aspiring 2D and 3D Artists that want to build assets and textures for a world set in the postapocalyptic setting of Chernobyl and be a part of the team that builds one of the biggest custom campaigns for Left4Dead 2. What are we searching 3D Artists - Able to build, unwrap and texture models. 2D Artists - Able to create textures from photographs or with procedural tools like substance designer. Why are we searching for you Now that we are nearing the end of the first part of our project we decided that we want to expand the scope of what we want to do in the second part of our campaign. We want this to be an outstanding expirience unlike anything else that you can have in Left4Dead 2. To keep the quality high and gurantee a release in a realistic timeframe we are searching for you. What we offer We are determined to finish this project. 8 years time couldn't kill the mod and we want to see this project finish. That means you won't create assets for a project that gets forgotten in the corner of a hard drive. You create the assets for the team but also for your portfolio. We can introduce you to all the tools and workflows needed to create models and textures for the Source Engine. Time is a valuable good and while we want to reach our goals in a timely manner, we want that you work with the time you CAN allocate to this project. Knowledge in Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop, Hammer Editor. What we want from you You need to be able to create new models or textures from reference pictures. Working within a set polygon budget or texture size. Hard Surface modeling is a requirement/organic modeling and basic rigging skills are welcome but optional. [Optional] In a ideal case, you use the same toolset that we use to create a synergy effects thru collaboration of all members of the project. The model range goes from small simple props like fences, crates or beams to cars, trucks and apcs. (Think Stalker and Metro) 2D artists need to be able to retexture and texture models and create textures from real photographs or in a tool like substance designer. The skills to work independently on given tasks and create props and textures to a high standard. If you have a basic knowledge of hard surface modeling or texture creation and want to learn and solidify your skills within the frame of a project you are also very welcome to apply. We want to encourage you to grow your skills as you create props or textures for this project. We have no requirements regarding the country of origin and past experiences make us confident that no matter where you are from you are welcome. English is a requirement. If you are interessted contact us at [email protected]
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