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  1. @blackdog Yeah, I didn't say it was pure bad, but it does affect the balance. Aztec had water to cancel fall damage. Canals has water mostly out of necessity, but it avoids putting it in the way of rotations, mainly putting it towards a new fighting area. Even Lake puts it out to the side, and I agree with that approach.
  2. Yeah, long corridors aren't too fun or fair. Here's a tip: the smaller you can make your map, the better. Cut the very top and bottom, move the spawns closer and make the corridors near them shorter. Also, that side room looks pointless. It is far from both sites and serves no purpose. Don't feel discouraged, though. Nobody makes a perfect first map and often you have to scale down your ideas.
  3. Plus, water is kind of finicky anyways. It's pretty glitchy at times, and it slows people, and it splashes loudly when landed in... It affects the balance as well as the asthetics. My map used to include water in important areas, but bots handled it poorly and it was generally unpleasant to be playing around.
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