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  1. Deh0lise


    Looks really cool! I particularly like a lot bombsite B, quite interesting height levels. Too bad there was manipulation in the workshop... but luckily looks like it is getting the attention it deserves. Really good work, keep on!
  2. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Caliente

    There are very big sight lines in the two bottom parts of the overview you posted. That will cause optimization issues and may not create a good sensation for players (running long corridors) and may even make enemy players too small in the distance, thus giving awps a big advantage. I haven't played it, I don't have much time, but It would be nice in order to receive good feedback to stamp A/B site on the overview, give a small description of the images or post a video. I know it is not nice to recognize, but many of us are lazy or don't have much time or interest to answer layout threads because they take a lot of time and thought. Once you've got a full functional version you may want to test it with players and ask about their feelings, or exchange thoughts about mutual works with other mappers. Not many people give their time for free for something as time consuming as layout design, so the best way to receive it is reciprocity or hype. Good luck!
  3. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    ‚Äč@TheGuma Seen it already, reddit never fails. @onebit Thanks, I'm fixing some of those unreachable spots and adding some clips to prevent players from getting outside the map.
  4. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    I did it indeed. Add me in steam @Deh0lise!
  5. I thought about that long ago, but it would be nice if it was VALVE's idea, centralized and rewarded a % in case the map chosen for an operation contained your assets. In my case I don't think I'd pay for assets as it is a hobby and I like doing them myself (and learning), but I wouldn't mind sharing revenue in case of collaboration, but buying them directly... I don't think so.
  6. Good job! I've been looking all submited entries and yours is the best imo, I'd love to sit there!
  7. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    Yes, that and neons are good ideas I'm working on though I don't have much time besides weekends and there is more stuff to do. I've already made the new radar, fixed the hanging cables, modified the new route entrance to make it obvious for players, reduced snow on B to lessen the temptation of jumping over the train, modified the new broken corner to make players show the hole body when sniping, fixed clips... currently i'm tilting b letters and adjusting rooftop models in middle and A... a lot of work that is less obvious in the screens but pays off when playing. El Moroes also suggested about snow on vegetation, and it's something that might improve it and I agree on (a lot of work though!), but green or another more shiny color is needed. If there was no green it would feel too sad and boring. The colors used are white-brown and green, leaving this one out would make it look like an "old nextgent" brownish game. Imo, the clash is because we're used to very cold places with no vegetation in most games (i.e cod maps filled with ice cicles and snowy storms), but snow doesn't kill every plant once it touches it, it may just be the first snow of winter. For example I saw snow in Barcelona with green plants and vegetation (not common). The clash may depend on you experience and may even be good to attract those who are not used to such environment. The color combination and mood is good imo.
  8. I was reviewing old posts and looking all those guys behind the ball and I just couldn't stop thinking some of them will fall (or will be pushed) off the terrain. Could that be an option?
  9. Congrats sjonsson those are very good news!
  10. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    It's an env_steam, it doesn't affect visibility and adds a bit of movement to the area and a good callout name.
  11. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    I've released an update, I still want to work more on it, but I've implemented some changes: http://imgur.com/5FREJaf,cMnojs5,QJmvx3v,4SiRMsv,zXS0GP5,VNGCnNg#0
  12. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    I'm still working on the models, but I've got the gameplay set. As you can see I've already increased the cover on the site and differentiated the gameplay from train. CTs can access the bombsite using the backdoor which leads to the dark tunnel side (you can see some light on the round train). Going straight double doors wasn't very interesting gameplaywise. I'm going for the Detroit theme FMPONE suggested, though I'm not sure I'll be able to make neons, they require a lot of tris, between 2-3k, and I'm not sure how it will hold. I have some placeholders now (hotel sign, russian sign). I've also changed some decals for guidance, fixed clips, changed lights etc. I'm not gonna eliminate/move the 'trap vent' in A as it is placed there so it can be controlled easily by CTs, currently the balance of that site is fine as it is imo. I've added a yellow decal though, but it will still be closed as it is interesting for Ts to know when it is open and breakable sound does really help. The vent itself is not just to boost but to retreat as T, sneak as CT behind Ts, throw [email protected] moving it or placing a ladder would diminish the predictability and the way it was meant to be played, though I don't discard further modifications after testing it several times.
  13. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] DE_Resort

    You've nailed the materials, and there a re very nice details all over the map, Good job!
  14. Deh0lise

    [CS:GO] Rails

    That's a LOT of good feedback! gotta work. Thanks ^^
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