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  1. https://www.pcgamer.com/gabe-newell-hooray-valves-going-to-start-shipping-games-again/?utm_content=buffer72ea0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw
  2. Lajron

    Really Odd Skybox Bug

    Honestly i don't know it just seemed off to me the way you used it and i tried placing it at 0,0,0 coordinates which fixed it. Also here's a nice tutorial for the skybox http://twhl.info/tutorial.php?id=106 which i atleast used.
  3. Lajron

    Really Odd Skybox Bug

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0aT--jQ_SrfQURCZ3FNTTlVY3M Try it out now, i do apologize for changing the crate texture Your 3d skybox seems to have been causing the problem
  4. Lajron

    Really Odd Skybox Bug

    Could you upload the .vmf file so we can test it?
  5. http://www.ireland.com/features/game-of-thrones-tapestry/ This is pretty cool
  6. That really depends on much we are going to customize is. If it's not much, it would be easier to add a darker template. But if we do have to change a lot, that basically means making and maintaining to different templates which involves a lot of work. Actually, this is a feature that a lot of people requested so it's here to stay. That doesn't mean we can't tweak it based on the feedback we get. So we'll take the size of it into account. I hope you do add a darker version because this one is a pain in the eyes when you're in a dark room. Could we atleast get a "toggle" button for "Our Picks" like we have for subforums?
  7. I think last time we heard anything about the movie was when Gabe did AMA on reddit
  8. Lajron


    Decided to get back on this with a completely new layout. We had a playlist today and I have learned a lot from it since I have never before made a cs_ map, so it was interesting to watch and see the results. Radar: Here's the idea what i wanted to do: Unlike the typical linear layouts i wanted to go vertical and make a 3 floor layout, where the hostages are at the "bottom - morgue" and "top" floor and the middle floor (where everyone starts) connects both of them. I know a lot of people don't like vertical layouts because they can be really confusing (or scary since it's not a clover layout) i tried to make it as basic as possible tho with the last playtest i decided to go even more basic by removing that "ladder" entrance and shutting the whole path.This means that the only way for CTs to go down is via the garage -> elevator.The elevator will now be climbable so you can go out the way you came in.That also means the morgue will need changes with only 3 paths leading to it now. Another thing i gathered from the playtest is that the people didn't like that the hostage zone because it was huge so i'll probably make it smaller but since i'm removing that ladder-path i might not really need to that (needs testing). TL;DR layout will stay vertical with 3 floors, will remove the ladder path, the elevator will be climbable, hostage zone won't be so huge - this all might lead to more changes If you have any other feedback, i'd appreciate it!
  9. Lajron


    The thing with this: We actually had a playable version and playtested it but that was back in march i think. Here are some screenshots of that alpha build version since we never posted them: You can see it's 60-70% done, but there's still a lot of stuff to do. As tom said i'll push this project until it's done even if it's the last thing i do .The thing is there's an upcoming final exam so i can get into the Uni i want and i'm not fucking with that.Also the mapcore contest kinda took all the artist who work with csgo, so that's currently a problem.I'll postpone havana until the contest is over and i might even enter the contest with a different theme(hopefully i'll finish that map for the deadline )
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