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  1. Update : Site A : Added some cover in t's route to site A. Added new route from A to t's mid. Site B : Added cover in B connector Added a roof to B site & and cover Mid : Added crates instead of brushes.
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    Yo, this is a competitive map that i've been working for 1 week, any feedback is welcomed !! Not the best screenshot from in-game Update-List Overall: - Need to add callouts. - Need the Rework Radar a little. - Change the color of the config. A Site : - Add a new route from A (in t's part) to mid. - Rework route to A from t's spawn. - Add cover short A. - Rotate the H.U.T . - Need to Remake the route from to A site. B Site : - Rework route to B from ct's spawn. - Add cover on B Connector. - Add railings to the balcony. Map Radar : Map Screenshots : Map Screenshots :
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