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  1. Yo, updated the map even more. https://imgur.com/a/qjKwSmR - 5mb Limit screenshots [Map Overall] [Bombsite B] : ==> Made box from Ct a little bigger. ==> Added trigger_bomb_reset. ==> Added a window next to the car from window. [Bombsite A] : ==> Added more clipping. ==> Added new windows. [CT Spawn] : ==> Moved Buyzone 32 units to the left. ==> Added some more detail. [ Mid ] : ==> Moved Ct Mid's 240 units to the right. [ Radar ] : [ Screenshots ] :
  2. Yo, updated the map more. [Map Overall] ==> Added better clips on the cars. ==> Moved the wall in A site 80 units back. ==> Added some more detail. Radar : Screenshots : https://imgur.com/a/Iy2M8Cz <- 5 mb limit
  3. Yo, updated the map more. (dont mind the nodraw) [Map Overall] ==> Added more clips ==> Ct mid windows made shorted with 16 units. Screenshots :
  4. Heyho, i've updated the map. Updates: [Map] - Changed the layout Radar:
  5. Heyho updated the map again =] Workshop Link. Change Notes 0.4 [Map] - Textured the map even more. - Added some grenade clips. [Site] - Redesigned the site [Mid] - Added more cover. [Palace] - Rescaled the entrances to be smaller from t & ct's route route - Moved the walls from the stairs further from the entrance. [Palace Alley] - Added a hut. [Underpass] - Added a more space.
  6. Yo, updated the map more Workshop Link. Updated Workshop photos Change Notes 0.3 [Timings] Palace = 11 seconds; Mid = 10 seconds; Underpass = 12 seconds. [Map] - Better cliping on crates. - Added trigger_bomb_reset in some places. - Added outline on the site with brushes. - Added 3d skybox. - Textured the map more. Screenshots:
  7. Radar : Change Notes 0.2 [Map] - Changed Playermodels. - Added navigation names. - Added models instead of brushes as crates. - Added community credits. [Site] - Added a bridge with pillars, triggers & clips. - Rescaled the site. [@ T & CT spawn] - Rescaled the spawns buyzone's. - Changed the cover. (t's spawn only). [@ Underpass] - Added clip at the end of the underpass. - Added clips between the supports. [@ Palace Interior] - Added new cover
  8. Hello there i've updated the map & put it on the workshop, click here. Radar : Change Notes 0.1 Radar : - Changed the colors of the radar. [T Spawn] - Added more cover in spawn. - Textured a little the area. [CT Spawn] - Added more cover in spawn. [Site] - Added clips under the train so you cant get the bomb stuck. [Mid] - Added new cover in T's route to mid. - Added clips to stairs. [Palace] - Added some cover near palace. - Added benches.
  9. Heyho, i worked on this map 4 - 5 days and i wanted to show you guys my work & any feedback is welcomed !! Radar : Map Screens : More screens because 5 mb limit : T palace to CT: Mid to Site :
  10. Nice job, it really looks like the one in Romania
  11. Update : Site A : Added some cover in t's route to site A. Added new route from A to t's mid. Site B : Added cover in B connector Added a roof to B site & and cover Mid : Added crates instead of brushes.
  12. func_illusionary


    Yo, this is a competitive map that i've been working for 1 week, any feedback is welcomed !! Not the best screenshot from in-game Update-List Overall: - Need to add callouts. - Need the Rework Radar a little. - Change the color of the config. A Site : - Add a new route from A (in t's part) to mid. - Rework route to A from t's spawn. - Add cover short A. - Rotate the H.U.T . - Need to Remake the route from to A site. B Site : - Rework route to B from ct's spawn. - Add cover on B Connector. - Add railings to the balcony. Map Radar : Map Screenshots : Map Screenshots :
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