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  1. Added curbs to A site, and positioned the big box to go within it. I've also removed the original planter on heaven. Ct middle now has the tree planter widened, and the building is wider as well. Expect more to come!
  2. Here's a new look at the updated radar, fitted with some nice edits. T spawn now has quicker timings towards sites, B site has less direct visual towards CT, heaven also now has limited visibility, and curbs. Also given that I haven't uploaded any screenshots to sell off my map, I might as well give a preview at what I currently have. CT path to Mid/A A site Long to A Middle B site A connector from Mid T Spawn Please give feedback and enjoy!
  3. New Update! Additional cover and changes to A site, please give feedback on how they are! I've also increased bombsite size to B, and removed some boxes or rearranged some to adjust with the new gameplay. I'd also like feedback on bombsite B to see if there's any improvements I can make for the map. Download on the steam workshop now! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762866894
  4. Fixed the radar, and changed some of the geometry towards the B site for the cliff to prevent less jaggedness. The waterfall is now "climbable" in the upper part, but can be gone through in the lower part. Needs a little bit of editing. Rain has been changed, although may or not be removed for better gameplay. A building has also been properly added towards the cliff and the skybox has been expanded. You can throw guns off into the river, so be careful!
  5. Name is under development, will change upon feedback or so. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762866894 Setting: Hawaiian Resort during a rainy day Terrorists traverse from the sandy shores of the beach through the long garden or building in the resort (I'm thinking a spa room perhaps?) to A, or can make their way over to the steep hills or pool to middle or B. That's right, middle is part of a pool. Up the rocks is the entrance to Bombsite B, located behind a waterfall, which is directly connected to mid (Whether the cleaningness of waterfall source pouring into the pool is debatable). Middle leads to another cliff into B site, while past the walls take towards CT or A site. Through the building (Spa Room???), terrorists can still head to middle for quick rotates or through another building, which leads to Bombsite A. Bombsite A just so happens to be the location of a courtyard, where a tiki bar and stage are present. Meanwhile, Counter-Terrorists coming from the front of the resort can climb the steep cliff to B or head to the open area which leads to middle or A. CTs can push through an alley to the tiki bar, or head through the local restaurant to take a height advantage the visitors. Gameplay: A site has two main routes for both sides that lead to it, while B site has one main route and is more connected to middle. Right now I'm trying to work out the gameplay mechanics, but the waterfall that's present could be shot through and can be jumped out of, like a one way drop from a site to middle (right now I have a waterfall that can be technically climbed, although it has the properties I desire except being able to climb up it). My inspiration sparks from my many visits to Hawaii and how beautiful of a place it is. Upon looking up "exotic places" online, one of the first results was Hawaii, and instantly sparked me on how wonderful of a place it is. I don't have any direct visual comparisons for inspiration, just sort of the concept behind it. I do have to fix the radar for some building entrances and the lack of the tiki bar (a playable area in the map) but feedback is appreciated! Here's a bunch of screenshots. Still under development, and need some feedback on what to refine: https://imgur.com/a/gpIxOGI
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