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  1. Amazing to see these entries, and watch some of the develop over the past 8 months! Congrats to y'all!
  2. Hey guys, I have an important announcement to make. With the deadline nearing, I don't think we can make the completion period for the map. We messed around too much with the layout when trying to find solutions, and went too progressive towards trying to fix stuff. Another issue was lack of experience, as although I have made maps before, I've not been able to hone in on making textures or models. On the team, it's just me and Entities, both mappers who are very busy with their personal lives. Nevertheless, we intend on finishing up the map. We won't know how long it'll take, but I
  3. Want to hear about the update? Rocks. Lots of them. I decided to naturalize the world a little bit more, and added many cliffs and such to the map. Oh, you want the real updates, huh? I changed up Long A to provide more cover and priority to the T's, and to make a more realistic balcony area. Heaven has been reintroduced back into the map to make up for the removal of CT Long. The doors have been flipped on CT side. The bar and A connector are now combined into a single route. CT Spawn has changed, with a new sniper nest taking place where one of the
  4. AlphaOwl

    [CS:GO] De_Cattle

    While working on my mapcore submission, I came up with a concept of a map with an interesting theme, and I just thought I'd like to share and probably work on it after I finish my submission. Set in a meat processing facility in India, Cattle's story is of radical protest and culture difference. A European corporation decided to build Kamadhenu Cuts in the middle of a river to increase more job prospects and worldwide business expansion into Asia. Specializing in all things cow, you can tell how that escalated to. A group of terrorists decided to take more radical steps towards takin
  5. Amazing work! Just a reminder to not forget shadows on the plants and such maybe, unless you're going for that type of look. Anyways, great job!
  6. Hello! Update time! Besides doing the fixes, I have also reworked long to be as steep and not 45 degrees anymore. The original angle is still there, although now there's a little bit of a safer area to hide there. We have also extended the upper A main building to take up the 45 degree area, and although this will now mean new smokes, it provides additional cover long. Here's what's left on the list: Change the catwalk route to be useful somehow CT Spawn made shorter and faster (currently in development) Better lighting Fixing up the map/updating aesthetics
  7. Hey y'all. Back again with an update from the playtest. Many suggestions asked for revisions similar back to the A15 version and simplification, so here are my notes: Removed Long and Drop (simplification) Changed B catwalk route back to drop route (in development) Rerouted A main route to lead into connector (currently in development, may change) Spa Room house closed off, connector inbetween T middle and remainder spa room (The most notorious entrance was directly in middle, but that allowed long sightlines from the building and middle. Gives new purpose to T mid
  8. Hello y'all. It's been a while. After a month of work and preparation for a playtest, me and my boy Entities are here to give you: Update A20! Massive changes to the layout overall, which I'll go into detail here: T Spawn: To increase B and Middle timings, I've widened T spawn with new rock cover to adapt to the new CT spawn size (which we will cover next). Hopefully this will work out well, but if not, there will be a work around. CT Spawn: Created by Entities and detailed by me, we decided to remake CT spawn to provide 2 things: faster rotations and aesthe
  9. Hey y'all. Been busy with Ties reworking the map, and so far as for screenshots, I have the current radar, as well as one with with design details. Here are the major changes and probably more to come. CT Revamp (which includes closer/changed routes, new ct middle) New route around the original restaurant to A (needs playtesting) New A connector (May need playtesting) Widened Middle which is now more open No T middle planter Wood wall on B connector to engage in closer duels (Thanks to ExtraChessyPie(?)!) New B routes leading onto sit
  10. Hey everyone! Quick update! Decided to go mostly independent models. Recently learned Yanzl's models are for non-commercial use, and well... Anyways, I'm also enlisting the help of my friend, Ties, who hopefully could get some work done while I'm busy, and fine tuning the theme and layout.
  11. Hello everyone! Here's an update after the playtest, which I've primarily been waiting on! After gathering some feedback on the changes (which have been quite a while), I can put together a list of the things planned for working on. Better B rotation for CT B to T middle angle is too vertical, needs to be covered better Work on A cover Less steep positions Less corridors in connectors Brighten map Less refract on waterfall Make bar a more contestable position Move up CT Spawn or push back T spawn Only after these edits are made wil
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! My family tends to travel to Hawaii a lot, and one thing that I thought would be nice to go for were the beachside homes near the coast, whilst still not being super abandoned from society (thus sort of the reason why it's in a resort). I really want to share the experience I've had vacationing there, so I try to keep it pretty surreal.
  13. Yeah, I guess I have those there sort of like placeholder decals. Probably will work on something like that during detailing!
  14. Hey y'all, back again with another blog post! I've primarily revamped CT Spawn, extended B site to play around the elevator, reintroduced heaven as a boost, and added floor texturing. My plans are to start trying to make my own textures and models for the map, but in the meantime stay in tune! New Radar
  15. Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm still here! I've just been busy figuring out if I want to push a visual update or not, but I'll intend to just update on this thread instead. New Info Booth By CT Spawn! New Heaven! (Note: I currently removed the area because during my playtest session, it became evident that it had a bit of an issue with it. Might revamp or possible remove entirely.) New Long! Remodeled Tiki Bar! Expect more updates to come. School is starting, so I'll start trying to pump out as many updates as I can. A few notes
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