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personal skate game project


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since i finished my csgo map its back to making obscure indie games. its inspired by games i played as a kid, like tony hawks downhill jam and the larger sections of the skate series, but in first person.

this what the controls currently look like:

im gonna post some pictures of the world artwork here more when its done :)

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some graffiti i did with a friend in Kingspray VR (and a cheeky Mapcore logo)


this week was redoing the animation and physics systems for this game, and in the process made a ragdoll editor thing in Blender where you can mess about with the joint limits and hitboxes...

theres a video of me testing it

more physics:


pretty happy with performance and simulation quality at this point. only a few shapes left to add


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16 hours ago, hgn said:

yeah the 'engine' i put together is really just a collection of header files like stb_.., glfw, miniaudio and a couple others. and then i just make the game manually using those

Awesome, that's a great way to go. I shipped my first console game that way :)

Sometimes things are easier without an engine.

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i added some lights to the engine and im pretty happy with how it turned out. can run up to 1000 point/spot lights at once. the clusters (since its forward render) are on a big cube grid like this (showing complexity, maximum per cube is 6):


and the result is



also wrote a new skybox shader which is dynamic :D



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it varies a lot these days, since theres are many different forward clustering methods. mine specifically does not effect draw calls:

renderdoc shows a few dozen drawelements on the left, to draw the world from one view (somewhere amongst them theres a switch between two vertex buffers).

my lights are stored as a global array per world in a texture buffer, and the spacial index is the 3d texture on input 4. the reason for the limit of 1000 lights is that those indices are 10 bits. the textures are calculated on the CPU because i'm not that high tech yet. so the result is that the pixel shader can look up by himself what lights it needs to shade with, which allows render big massive chunks of the world at once and not really have to worry about draw calls or culling far away lights


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