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  1. Map update/bump. We've 'officially' released the map but its also a little unfinished in a few regards, in addition to a few catastrophic bugs we had to fix at the last minute. We will be exercising our right to update the map on this one. At the very least it's a vital lesson in time management. Hope you guys enjoy what we have done, because we'll still be slaving away at it.
  2. Surprise, this project isn't quite dead yet (at least amongst the graveyard of single post threads)! I might as well share some screenshots of what Bristn/OP and I have been working on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Obviously still heavy WIP https://imgur.com/a/uFhJb2y
  3. Looks impressive, but the bleakness is a little odd looking. Maybe a slightly yellow-er color scheme (even in color correction. although ideally in updated textures/models) would help make it look less sickly?
  4. this looks really cool. Have you tested the layout yet?
  5. Honestly the red would look fine if it was a bit more desaturated. I think the blinding burst of colour is what has everyone in arms, especially since the rest of the map is so neutral coloured
  6. Updated the map. The ladders are all but gone, save for one level. Also find some changes in geometry, lighting, etc. Enjoy!
  7. ExtraCheesyPie

    [WIP] de_splash

    too bad it looks like you can't go down the slides :'(
  8. Can you post some screenies?
  9. A castle on the coast has been infiltrated by terrorists, who have taken hostages. I'm going for a very thematic map, with moody lighting, a night settings and dramatic cliffs into the water (not yet implemented, but trust me, they will be there). The map was started in a crusade to make a good hostage map, and i'm attempting some novel ideas. There are anti-rescue camping spots i've placed that will allow returning CTs to get an additional angle on any terrorists situated there. The layout is pretty simple and I hope to see where it goes after some iterations. Maybe i'll even do s
  10. its janky but I actually really like Janky maps, i find they have a lot of character and complexity a lot of the time.
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