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  1. Messed around with the Soul Cave pack that epic recently released.
  2. New version is up get it here
  3. Love stuff like this especially Scorn, wonder if the game play will be any good also if you like HR Gigers work you should check out Dark seed
  4. Wow this is a huge moral boost!, yeah re placing the elevators is a lot of work but it would make the jump less tricky and make the player explore more of the area behind the pillars. Next version of the map is going to have armor placements placed in certain areas after some of the UT communitys said that there was no effective way to counter the Flakcannon on the above floor.
  5. Just updated the map Download it here -added a few props -added some more dirt decals -changed the fogs color to gray
  6. Thanks! I just made a new bake of the map (download here updated 28-10-2016) gonna post a few updated pics and a new gameplay video in a moment.
  7. Just updated the map, grab it here Bonus: a quick gameplay video
  8. Did some small changes and played around with the surrounding environment since the water made the reflection look weird.
  9. Finally got my editor up and running again after a month without Internet (the editor broke so no offline mode) and I also made an upgrade from my GTX 670 to a GTX 1070. Any feedback is appreciated i'm going to upload a version to download as soon as the compile is done. (update it's here: https://mega.nz/#!VAxhlIRS!aDgGrC5qEW2KhXLBIXcvBQdoy_0DZyPDgx2MWKN1M1k )
  10. Mr E

    [UT4] CTF-PaleoPark

    Wow that looks really god! But ain't the kitchen/cryogenics to small? looks like it would be cramped during a CTF match.
  11. Updated the map with some decals and made some changes to the lightning and water also placed some of the sounds. Will update the thread with a new download link soon(updated!)
  12. During the summer I've been working on this map that takes place on a huge laser drill powered by Liandri. It's designed to be played by 4 players for some fast action deathmatch. There is still a lot to be done on the map just posting it here to get some feedback. Download the map (updated 24-01-2017)
  13. Thanks i'll take a second look on the lightning and adjust the skull size, I uploaded the new version you can grab it right here(old)
  14. Made some updates on the map today
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