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  1. As @FMPONEsaid, The White Lotus is excellent! Season 3 of the TV show, What we do in the shadows came out too, so that's a nice watch if you like that kind of funny. Bad Genius is a nice Thai movie Love on the Spectrum is a nice heartwarming, wholesome Netflix show of people on the autism spectrum, dating. Succession Season 3 is nearly here, which I found to be damn funny and whacked.
  2. I've used the Logitech MX518 for more than 5-6 years, and the G502 now is about the same age. I stopped using the MX518 because I wanted a change. I got bored of the MX518. The two other mice I bought, broke or developed double-clicking issues in a year each. I love how the G502 performs, but I'm developing that tingling sensation of wanting to use an alternative but a lighter wireless mouse, maybe the Logitech G304/305. Let's see.
  3. Watched 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace' on Netflix and it was pretty awesome. Started watching Ratched on Netflix. I like the theme, mood and style of the show and the plot seems to be decent too. Coincidentally, some common actors too.
  4. Haven't watched this yet but the lead actor here is Denzel Washington's son.
  5. I'm nearing the end of Schitt's Creek. It's a simple family, comedy show about a bunch of bankrupt, flamboyant folk who move to a small time town and adjust. No-brainer watch, and you get to see some character show their delicate side from time to time. It fits perfectly into my lunch/dinner time.
  6. Decided to fidget with Blender. My first 3D model in more than a decade, the DAC I use.
  7. cyberjunkie

    Corona Virus

    Ars Technica has a good compilation of information - https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/03/dont-panic-the-comprehensive-ars-technica-guide-to-the-coronavirus/
  8. The Witcher is a pretty decent watch. Am 4 episodes in and I haven't cringed yet.
  9. I liked the first season of 'End of the F*cking World' and the second season is pretty decent too. I like the style.
  10. I finished watching Russian Doll last night. It was entertaining and unique in its own way. The style and theme is nice. It didn't end the season with a huge bang, but the whole experience and length of episode is just right. It ends every episode on a cliffhanger, but neatly. I'm also watching Drive to Survive. It's nice and makes you want to follow F1 again.
  11. Watched an episode and it was really nice. Short series and short episodes, so it fits my (patience) bill.
  12. I have been watching The Umbrella Academy. It has its loopholes and it picks up ideas from movies and shows we've seen before. Having said that, I like the style, the acting and the production value. It's an effortless watch. It's active, colourful and funny all at the same time. I've been watching two episodes at a time and I'll be watching episode 6 next.
  13. Coming from PUBG, which is intense but also goes from being an Okayish-experience into an absolute mess every other update, this is such a welcomed change - to be able to get consistently smooth frame-rates, while looking hell of a lot better. You can play it without stressing as much as you might in PUBG or DOTA2. I get a few random crashes and you can't rejoin a session so that's a bummer. Fortnite felt too cartoony for my liking but this has a Borderlands-like vibe. The weapons are fun, managing items and picking up stuff is simpler too. Definitely playing this for a while! Hope 4 people squads are a thing in the future, and maybe more maps.
  14. The trailer does nothing for me. Tom Hardy is always intimidating, even in his 'human' avatar in this movie. This works for him in other movies, doesn't seem to fit this. The action looks predictable. The visuals work don't look 2018-enough and the humour is cringey.
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