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  1. Yeah the pain was insane.. I spent a week in the hospital, where I followed a shock wave lithotripsy treatment, that didn't directly help and even made it a lot worse the days after. But after 2 weeks just one day before surgery I passed them naturally. Now I just need to consume a lot of water and less coffee to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  2. Sounds like kidney stones, which I had like a year ago... So yes go to the doctor or when the pain comes back straight to the hospital. Their pain medication is the best!
  3. iwxanthi

    CSGO - Hijack

    Fantastic job Spence, as always
  4. Hardline is relying too much on teamwork. It's probably great fun with a group of friends, but playing it with random people is in most cases just frustrating.
  5. iwxanthi

    Godzilla (2014)

    Going on Sunday, can't wait.
  6. iwxanthi


    Looks really nice. Though giving it an abandoned style might work better because of the missing animals.
  7. Can't freaking wait. Nice work
  8. Man I love this game! I played it quiet a bit over the weekend and it reminds me of UT. Also no bullshit like helicopters or U-bombs you can use on the players. So yeh, I will definitely buy it
  9. Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter. Really good TV miniseries that shows the German side of WW2.
  10. I'm probably the worst to give advice, after shutting down IW. However I still have a few tips for you, so you don't make the same mistakes as us.. 1. Don't trust publishers, they probably promise you they will do marketing. In most cases that doesn't happen and you still have to do it yourself.. 2. Like Seldoon says: "Contact people" Probably the most important thing. They can save your ass when shit hits the fan. 3. Twitchtv, good way to show people your game, Can even do something like a weekly video blog. 4. Go to a few game events. Great way to get in touch with other devs and outlets to expand your contacts. 5. When you have a decent prototype, try to get an article on rockpapershotgun. Most of our audience came from them. 6. If you decide to use social media, Only focus on one platform and interact with your followers and also follow back! Though I agree with Seldoon. Newsletter is still the best method.
  11. Where can I sign the petition to get 747 remake released? Anyway here some of my stuff: Mountainbase, was going to be a DLC map for Nuclear Dawn. Though I never finished it, due switching projects. Few weeks ago I released the VMF to the community, so it might see the light of day in some form. Downtown night version. The idea was to have a more interesting Splashscreen in ND. So I took a slice of the original Downtown level and made it into a night version. However it causes so many bugs on lower end machines. That we decided to remove it only a few weeks after it was published.
  12. iwxanthi

    [L4D2] RedemptionII

    Looks amazing! Nice job
  13. Museum is still one of my favourites and Agency, which looks so awesome.
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