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  1. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] de_mesa (W.I.P)

    Nice concept. However I am a bit frustrated to don't see an iconic logo like this one : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-xHGZt3TMmgE/UojpYppRnRI/AAAAAAAAOi0/YcQZo5REMhw/s1600/Gulf-Nature+Overlay.jpg
  2. I think this kind of map packs are always nice even if maps are not new or if they don't suit to everyone. This kind of initiative are uncommon in the video game industry. Moreover Valve has never promised anything about the content of this pack, so I think it's difficult to criticize their choice. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Thanks for these new feedbacks. That's very helpful. Love, lolcats and chocolats to you.
  4. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] de_mesa (W.I.P)

    To organise a playtest via mapcore, you should try this topic :
  5. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Ok I will simply remove this model to avoid the issue.
  6. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Yea I think it were those. They clearly said trashbags, not cans or bins. It was always at the B-site. I'm not really sure since I haven't personally checked it they were static or not, but to cause the lagg, they must be a dynamic entity in a way. Ok thanks for the info. That's weird, nothing is dynamic in this area. I will investigate.
  7. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Thanks for your comments ! The main part of your feedbacks will be fixed in the next beta. JorisCeoen> can you tell me more about the trashcans/bags ? Are you talking about the garbages on the screenshot below ?
  8. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    De_marquis_b1 Link to the map : https://drive.google...dit?usp=sharing (no workshop at this time; we would like to playtest the map via mapcore first) Here is few things to know about this beta1 : - the global layout has already been tested few weeks ago and reworked accordingly . However we're still opened to any feebacks regarding it - few BSP glitches to fix (misaligned brushes etc) - no ambient sounds implemented for now - many static props are still place holders (flat colors+ baked ambient occlusion) - Nav mesh needs to be reworked - Overall optim and perf look ok but can still be improved. We're waiting for you feedbacks regarding it. - Many clip collision to refine. Anyway, feel free to run the map and gives us as much feedbacks as possible ! We first want to test the map with the mapcore community before to officially realease it on the workshop. Thanks guys Cheers P.S.: do you know if we can change the name of a topic ?
  9. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    We use some CS generic content that we think could fit a french street set like this. But most of the content is custom. I would say about 75% custom art. ^ You plan to release that ? As Jpley said, no plan for now, but if people are interested by this, it should be possible to release something. I think we will take the name "de_marquis", but it's not frozen if it sounds unadapted. On our side, we liked this name because it's short, funny, related to a the subway of our map and with a french consonance. (the picture of the "Marquis coquinoux" from Moroes was also an excellent argument ) Thanks for your name ideas, we still are open for a change.
  10. Hashtag

    [NEOTOKYO] Nt_Yuki_ctg

    If your future changes will take time, why to don't recreate a map inspired by this last one for a game like cs: go ? A lot of players will be ready to test and play to your map. Also, that could be more interesting for your portfolio to have a map for game more renowned.
  11. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] de_mesa (W.I.P)

    This new visual thematic looks good. About the layout and spaces, some interior parts are very narrow and a bit awkward (the small hallways, the underground tunnel, behind the counter ..) Also the exterior part could maybe have more verticality imho by adding some unflattened ground / small cliffs.
  12. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Pending the upload of the .bsp, here some new screenshots, with a better resolution :
  13. Hashtag

    [CS:GO] De_marquis

    Ahah nice names I'm wondering, what's your thought about "de_france" ? This name sounds very weird and awkward to me, but that's maybe because I'm french .. OrnateBaboon> no problem for a new image, but only if Pogop release a new screen from Alien:Isolation :3
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