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  1. Wordpress.org or Wordpress.com? Started looking into it a bit more and the difference is doing my head in. I'm guessing you use.org since you have no footer?
  2. Hi all, long time no see! Another project is about to wrap up and I dread the day that I have to update my portfolio, it's super cumbersome to work with and not flexible at all (just CTRL+A my website and you'll notice the weird table-like setup I use). So I figured that perhaps it was time for a change, the 93€ a year hosting costs don't seem that good of a deal neither :/ The portfolio section stickies haven't been updated since 2011-ish though so I was wondering what's hot these days? A lot of artists I know seem to use Artstation nowadays, anything else that´s new? Seems like a lot of portfolios in the portfolio section look hella good but I see no "made with wordpress" link underneath so what's the secret? Does everyone have mad Dreamweaver skills (I know I don't) or am I missing something? Share that knowledge and update the stickies folks! Not sure this is the right section to be asking on the state of the portfolio section but I didn't wanna defile the stickies over there with noise, nor put a thread in there since it seems 100% portfolio links in there an no discussions.
  3. OK so I think this game is great, bought it for PC first to play over lunch and now that I'm on vacation and want to play with my buddies overseas I bought it for PS4 as well BUT... The controls are absolutely atrocious on console I don't know if it's input lag or just how the accelleration/dead zones work but something is SUPER off. Since the latest patch it's a little bit better but it's still noticably worse than other games. Been playing a lot of Uncharted 4 and MGS lately and those sticks are on point, dayum! I know they're not exactly FPS but I played a lot of COD and Halo back in the day and I was never struggling so much with moving the crosshair in a reliable way. Anyone else has trouble with it? Any of you devs know if there's more improvements coming?
  4. Just updated my portfolio but I'll upload it here as well. Art dump from the areas/missions I worked on. Level Design though so I can't take all the credit for all the nice details/shaders/textures, you know the drill. Luckily us level designers were pretty involved with the geometry so there's a lot of stuff we influenced and were able to do a ton of propdressing as well. You'll have a better feel for what exactly it is I did by playing the game but it's as close as I can get for now if you didn't buy it! Enjoy!
  5. www.lukasvandaele.com updated with my latest work on Mirror's Edge Catalyst. THERE ARE SPOILERS on the Mirror's Edge Catalyst page, pictures should be fairly OK but don't read too much if you don't want me to spoil some events/plot. You've been warned! If you click on an image it opens up in a new tab, like/dislike? For me that's always how I want it but would love to hear your input!
  6. So... Crickets... The game has been out for half a week-ish. Any thoughts or comments? It's been pretty interesting following the reception to say the least, was expecting some polarization but not THAT much. Some stuff on ArtStation but seems like not a lot of environments yet: https://www.artstation.com/artist/fabienchristin/collections/71235
  7. http://www.mirrorsedge.com/ I don't visit a lot these days (so busy!!!), but for sure to update on our game
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strafegame/strafe That video! Haha xD
  9. The Maze Runner is so bad... SO BAD! Seriously guys... WTF. Divergent looks like a masterpiece next to this. The premise is incredibly far fetched and ridiculous... Give anyone 5 minutes to figure out a better backstory and I guarantee that no on will have a problem coming up with a better idea for why they're in that maze... Predestination was pretty awesome. It's a bit predictable if you've seen time travel movies before cos the mechanics are the same but there's some good twists on the classic formula! Definitely recommend this one.
  10. I've been a huge fan of custom laptops and currently own a Clevo that I've been using for the last 3 years. I don't know much about Gigabyte so definitely look into their build quality! The company that sold my Clevo merged with a bigger one over here: http://www.mysn.eu/ They rebranded the Clevo models as XMG or Schenker, or something. Check out this comprehensive list: http://alteredqualia.com/texts/notebooks/ And obviously check the reviews (notebookcheck!)
  11. Gotta give credit where it is due... Big respect for having the balls to cut something like that and valuing quality, even though that's likely PR talk as well since it would've been hard to break even I'd assume? Hope no one is affected because of this!
  12. Good point about the "binge playing". People were bitching about Assassins Creed (1) as well and how repetitive that was but I played 30-60 minutes a day for a couple of weeks till I finished the game and that was absolutely perfect. Also worth nothing... New open world-ish IP's tend to be repetitive so not much of a surprise tbh!
  13. +1 But I guess his pastebin was pretty clear he's not interested in entrepreneurship at all... Kind of sad to have that much money sitting around, the possibilities!! That being said, I don't know anything about Notch or what he intends to do with it... So perhaps he's making good use of it.
  14. Chimeray

    Learning UE4

    Anyone fiddling around with the Effects demo (the cave one)? I can't for the life of me figure out how the vertex painting works o.O I'm picking the cafe floor mesh from the generic browser, drop it in and apply what I assume is the very same material used in their cave map but once I start painting on it nothing really works :/ Seems like there must be some very obvious setting or concept I'm missing here. Gonna check out those material instance tutorials to see if those make me a bit wiser
  15. Didn't work for me neither yesterday, I switched DNS to the google default ones because of the Unreal4 issue and that magically solved the mapcore issue as well. Had no clue, didn't really think about what was causing mapcore to seem down, thought it was just maintenance. So confirmed again, seems like it was a DNS issue.
  16. The kitchen area reminds me too much of a camper, somehow. I would assume it's a little bit less cozy and more industrial. Maybe it's the wood, don't know. Up to you what look you're going for obviously, just thought I'd share what I thought about when looking at it Those ´70 patterns are awesome, remind me a lot of my grandparents house
  17. Enemy Very WTF and doesn't give closure unless watching the following explanation video but I appreciate it a lot more now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9AWkqRwd1I
  18. Chimeray

    Learning UE4

    It's not a new update, I subscribed around the time of 4.4.0 so I should be able to download that version whenever I want, right? Anyhow, I looked into the issue more and it seems like it's some server-sided problem. Guess I'll have to try again tomorrow or something :/ There goes my productive Sunday
  19. Chimeray

    Learning UE4

    Yo guys I had some random errors with launching the editor so I saw the advice of trying to reinstall the whole bunch. Well, now I did that but I can't download 4.4.0... It just says "subscribe", I already subscribed for a month so why can't I download that version anymore? Do you need an active subscription for that, kinda weird...? :S
  20. I was able to use a cinema gift card I got for my birthday so at least it was free?! YEAAAAAAH! Better?
  21. Didn't like it as much. It has the same basic hero-saving-the-world plot like the last Marvel movies. I've just seen too many similar movies now, it's wearing very thin. :/ The humor was kind of cheap and the whole movie is predictable, I expected more. The ship designs were really cool though (except for the Kree) but the character designs on the other hand were pretty lame imo. I won't be able to recall what happened in the movie in a week, much like I don't remember what happened in the last 2 Thor movies 'n shit It's an OK movie I guess, meh.
  22. Chimeray

    The Chum Hypothesis

    I might have missed the joke here but on his portfolio it says he is? OT: Pretty cool! Hope the chums work out!
  23. Agreed! That's some fine pixel art!
  24. At first I was like: "Oh yeah! I gotta check that out!" But... At the end of the day these are just normal people and we're intruding on their privacy. It's not cool to post this imo. At least most (?) of the pictures in the EOT thread are from models so they know what they're signing up for but this... c'mon. I hope I don't sound like a hypocrite here but yeah... not cool imo.
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