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  1. Subnautica

    I couldn't find a topic. @dux (he works for UWE) I think we all know what the game is, so no video here. Ok, I bought this game quite some time ago. Well it is not as great as NS2 (I played ns2 so much), it's still a really great game. I wanted to give feedback to UWE for quite a while but I lost interest in the game. But with dux on the forum I will give it a shot I really like the beginning. You start with almost nothing and slowly expand. The time it takes to craft more stuff in the beginning is really good. But after a certain amount of hours, things start to develop to slowly for me. It makes me realize to much that life is to short to play this game... How I would like to see the game improve: -I want a harpoon, harpoons are freaking awesome -More interesting sea creatures to fight, I love fightings skulks, fades and lerks. I miss the skill ceiling in fighting sea creatures in subnautica. To gather food for example, you just swim around and press use at the fishes... -Maybe this is fixed, but I really hated that when opening a door with a laser or putting out a fire, they would reset when you came back later... It's like the games keeps putting you back in time. -As last and my most important thing that would actually would make me play the game again: After a x amount of hours in the game I want harvesters, silo's and macs. Just like harvesters in red alert that go over the ground gather resources. After an x amount of hours I have the need to build more and bigger things. Base building is cool. But I got tired of collecting resources. There could be silo's that are divided in 6 pie's. Where each slice could hold a different material. They could hold things like copper, scrap metal, gold, and other materials like that. But not batteries, knives, fish, and other stuff like that. When placing blue prints for things to build, the macs could go to a building that is connected to the silo's to gather the resources needed to finsih buidling the blueprint. After a while a player will have more and more silo's, and more macs to build faster and faster. Hope you can plant the idea as a seed in the head of charlie cleveland
  2. So I have some spare games...

    @Tisky Check out the map Bridges of Druzhina. That map is so great to play on (after a few times...).
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I still don't like the long house of the new dust. I was really good at rushing long as a T in both eco and buy rounds. Now it's so much harder in eco rounds to get long control. If I play as CT and I hold long with the AWP I often just keep looking when I get flashed. Often by the time they are at the door the flash effect is over. The risk that this goes wrong is little to none so far.
  4. EA just killed Visceral

    Electronic Arts buys Respawn for more than $400 million http://www.pcgamer.com/electronic-arts-buys-respawn-for-more-than-400-million-new-titanfall-in-the-works/ I wonder where that ship is going
  5. EA just killed Visceral

  6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I just played the new dust2. The pilars etc. are square now which I really dislike. I hope they will give it a really small bevel. Before you could bounce flashes of it really well when entering tunnels from t spawn or going short etc. Now this is gone. A really small bevel on the edges could bring this back. Also taking long from t spawn is a lot harder now. I hope they add some holes or windows to throw flashes threw.
  7. Source 2!

    At the moment I'm interested in photogrammetry. It's a technique where you take photos from multiple angles and turn it into a 3d model with magic... I mean with software. I made around 550 photos of the lab I work in, but more on that later. Anyway, for me to get the lab into source2 I needed to get a model in source2. Getting a model in source has always been a pain, even in goldsrc (in my opinion!). Unity for example is way more easy, it can even import blender files for example. And I like to use blender, not that it is the best but it is free and it has really great add-ons, and the development of it is really great. Some of you might have used the "Source Engine Export" plugin for blender before. Well long trial and error story short, you don't need that anymore. You can export to fbx, which is a pretty common format. And then with the tools from valve turn it into a model. Also setting up textures is a lot easier. And I believe it supports .tga now but I need to test that proper. I did have a problem with textures, and I really miss a console in the application telling me what is wrong. Anyway now the reason of this post. Once you have your model the workflow is great. If I make a change in blender and export to fbx again I'm done! It instants updates in the hammer editor. And even better, it EVEN UPDATES IN THE GAME WITHOUT THE NEED OF A RECOMPILE OF THE MAP OR THE MODEL! More later!
  8. Source 2!

    I have a vive at work and I thought it would be interesting to see the map i'm working on in virtual reality. I couldn't get VR to work in HL2 or TF2. It could be because I only have 4gig ram at work. It could also be the lack of support from valve. Anyway, SteamVR has also home environments, it's like your "home" from where you can launch games. Chat with friends etc. Those home environments run on the source2 engine. So I thought let's port my map to that. Well opening the map in source2 hammer is easy but all your textures are lost. Also things like func_detail are gone. They show up but it's not an entity anymore. This is because maps for source 2 are more like models. Hence the editor has now edge loops, splitting, bevel and stuff like that. Which I think is really great. Also the editor is way faster. I always found hammer to be really sloooow. Even on a quite small map, dragging stuff around never felt smooth. Now it runs close to 90fps and when I drag stuff around it goes to 60. I have to say my map is quite small but still it's so much smoother. And I have to say, this is with a really nice lightning preview! Also, you don't have to make a skybox around your map, so having leaks is also gone. For me it's not that big of a deal but it's sure something I embrace. The icons in the editor are quite horrible. They are really grey-ish and therefor they look all quite similar. This seems to be a trend in icon design in general which I really dislike. They eye works so well in perceiving color. Here 2 images for comparison (and note that hammer2 has a lot more icons, I only show the side bar here). Note that in certain parts they do have icons with really good distinguish colors! You can also map really well from only using the 3d viewport. This is really nice. I only go to a side view to place a model precisely on the floor for example. And the lightning in the viewport is really nice, including shadows. With the hold hammer I really disliked the contrast, I always hoped they would add ambient occlusion or something. Anyway, my point was to see my map with VR. And this is really nice. It's only a small part I have with no textures but it's so nice to walk in your own map. To feel the scale. I made a car out of brushes for example based on the scale of the car you see in de_nuke. Now with VR I really felt how the car was to big. Which is nice cause i'm making a parking garage. And large areas don't do well in csgo, and now I have the cars like 0.9 times smaller I can make a lot of the map smaller too. Maybe I post more thoughts later.
  9. Games W.I.P Thread

    Looks great. I think some green glass on the scope would look nice.
  10. CS:GO radar not showing up

    I try to get a radar showing up for my map but I can't get it done. I think my dds file is correct, but for the sake of safety I try to use the one of train right now. My map is called de_metro_rm_06 I have a file de_metro_rm_06.txt in the overview folder. This is the content: I also don't see a radar image when I fly around with noclip. It should at least show an image when loading the map. Anyone an idea?
  11. CS:GO radar not showing up

    Yeah but the _radar is never specified in the text file. There is always a _radar_spectate as well.
  12. I think 1 topic to post the wip screenshots is better then opening 109 tabs So feel free to post here your WIP's. I will start with my so far unnamed map.
  13. I have made this pure white image in photoshop (the skills on me...). I want to bring it to csgo / hammer but it's a bit glitched. There it looks like: This are the options I used in VTFEdit: (I just noticed it's on animated texture, but I doubt that is the problem, but I will try later when I'm at home). Do I have a setting wrong? And could someone try it with the same png? I used the newest photoshop. Then another thing. Now I have this for the vmt file: And I make it give light using lights.rad. In game it looks like this. So it does give light. But I would like for the texture to light up as well. How can that be accomplished?
  14. [WIP] de_Turismo

    What I mean is people don't like clicking to see images. (Correct me if i'm wrong). It's better to include them in a post. Less friction.
  15. [WIP] de_Turismo

    No pics no clicks
  16. [CS:GO] surf_galaxy (Surf Galaxy)

    Well you made a great map, so don't beat yourself to hard over it.
  17. [CS:GO] surf_galaxy (Surf Galaxy)

    Please post a video
  18. using >> -lights [file] << keeps crashing

    Source Engine. I tried: -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights de_metro -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights de_metro.rad -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro.rad I made a file in both D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro.rad and C:\My Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo (there is where lights.rad). I prefer to have it on another dir then the cs dir for backup purposes. But for now, getting it to work would already be great. Is there someone that can get it to work? And if so any idea what I do wrong?
  19. using >> -lights [file] << keeps crashing

    Putting it before game fixed it, thx!
  20. Uplink is still my favourite half-life 1 part. Damn I played the demo so many times. I still can remember it as yesterday. My heart would beat crazy at some parts, the little kid I was .
  21. In the old hammer (goldsrc time) you could use the camera tool while keeping the texture tool open. Now when I open the camera it closes the texture application, I hate this behaviour. Is there any way around it? Fuck valve, still this fucking viewport bug where they don't update which requires a hammer restart.