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  1. I would love to see that article about the Argent Tower level. If you don't want to post it here, you can also send me a pm As for your question. Not every level had a dedicated level designer with ownership from start to finish. Often designers/artists would jump around from one level to another to work on it. For the Argent Tower interior, Jon Lane our lead concept artist had a big impact on the layout since he blocked out almost the whole section in Maya. Designers and artist would then use this as a reference.
  2. @NikiOo That's a level from the latest MP DLC. For Snapmap you only have modules that were also included in the SP campaign.
  3. Some update, DLC packs are available for free now.
  4. Better take those german lessons funny trailer.
  5. Yeah, pretty amazing and unique art style. Would love to see a full game/movie coming out of this. Something like this:
  6. Really depends on what you want to focus on and if you plan to make a career out of it. Do you want to be a level designer? Then yes, you need something playable. But for artists? Screenshots is all you need. Scene looks great, btw. I like that you're showing it with different lighting conditions.
  7. So they made a video game based on the TV shows Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead? I like that Latest gameplay trailer is pretty cool.
  8. Some impression about the E3 demo.
  9. As beautiful this game is, I still have no idea what the gameplay is all about. Hope they show more soon.
  10. Cool collectors edition.
  11. I want a commander keen character so I can pogo jump through the levels
  12. I suppose this is 4 player coop MP only? any info about a SP campaign? Never heard of that game before but that trailer really got me interested in it
  13. Not exactly Prey related but a really nice 3 part video of Arkane Studios.
  14. That looks pretty awesome for your first environment scene! Not sure if you still plan on working on it, but you could add some clutter props like barrels or so to break up the repeating floor pattern. I like what you did with the wall where you have some random bricks sticking out, that already helps a lot.
  15. Another noclip interview.