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  1. I think I know which one but I dont want to say it...Is it a "magical" movie?
  2. Signed up for the 14-day game pass trial to play it. Played it for a few hours and enjoyed it. They got a lot of things right for an awesome pirate game experience but - as others already said - not much there in terms of quests and player progression as of now. I guess they are planning on adding more meat over time and expect people to tune back in every now and then but to launch this as a fully fledged/full price game is ballsy to say the least...
  3. Looks like a God of War game!
  4. Yes it is (down and a shame) but it was Sprony's wish.
  5. That's awesome! I didnt know you could map for Dying Light.
  6. FrieChamp

    Games W.I.P Thread

    Hey @Castle - maybe it's time to create a seperate thread for your game?
  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-03-publisher-blames-pubg-for-lawbreakers-flopping
  8. Thanks for you‘re post! Its very usefull and enlightninged me.
  9. Why not pitch one game concept, get people excited and increase chances that folks join your team? Also, what are you going to be doing exactly?
  10. I can second this, good watch (note: I knew close to nothing about the Unabomber before watching)!
  11. Sad to hear, Sprony All the best to you for the future! I see @FMPONE deleted a bunch of posts. Dunno if they were his or sb else's? Shawn?
  12. FrieChamp

    Star Wars

    Quite enjoyed it! It had one big WTF moment for me though: 8/10
  13. Interesting. Was already wondering who is funding The Outsiders.
  14. Step 1: Techno music Step 2: Explosions Step 3: Profit Looks like you are on track.
  15. We have an open spot for a (regular) Level Designer on the team that is working on the persistent universe part of Star Citizen. Have a read through the job posting and post any questions below or send me a PM. https://cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs/265-Level-Designer
  16. Yep, on Steam, too. I wouldn't hold it against players who bought it on day 1 to be salty about a 50% discount one month after launch.
  17. No offense mate, but I think throwing loot boxes that contain skins (Overwatch) and loot boxes that contain characters, abilities among other things (SW:BF2) into the same pot is an extremist view and not really constructive. There are big differences between the systems and the differences in the public's reaction to them is proving that. EDIT: Just saw this thread by another designer that explains in more detail what I am alluding to:
  18. Yesterday we offered a first look at the procedural cities we are building on top of some the planets. It is basically handcrafted gameplay spaces + surroundings built with a new editor that allows you to quickly plot down streets, high buildings, industrial buildings, trenches etc. + object scattering. There is a quick look at the city editor plus procedural layouts for e.g. space stations during the QT travel in the middle if you are interested in the tech. I was sitting in the audience biting my nails and praying for no crashes. It has been a couple of stressful weeks but it is nice to see everything come together in the end (even though there is still work left to do) Gameplay starts at 11:30:
  19. Good on him for giving these developers a voice!
  20. But...I got it?! Anyway, Scream is correct. Your turn.
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