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  1. I remember @seir tweeting that he has begun work on a book. If you get your CSGO map in an operation, Valve is giving you a cut, I think? Not as profitable as the cocaine trade side business that @FMPONE is running, but maybe worth trying... You could also start making videos or do a podcast about level design. I don't think you'll get rich doing that (be it through ads or a patreon) but at least you can manage your time easier doing that than when signing up for side gigs as a freelance level designer.
  2. I think a good LD should be able to tell when it makes sense to use a tileset or brushes (while still adhering to an agreed grid system) for blockouts. It makes sense to use tilesets when you are going to build 50 corridors or rooms that are going to be very similar in style. But you will find yourself constrained when it comes to hero locations or locations that require an architectural style that the existing tileset(s) was not built for.
  3. The COD gameplay that we are used to is so fast that I am curious how that is going to translate into a game mode where a death essentially means 'start over'.
  4. All of the above is basically true albeit heavily simplified. In practice, you will find that a collaborative process where Art gives feedback at a much earlier stage will save you lots of time and work in the end.
  5. The room with the planet model - holy shit.
  6. It probably comes down to a matter of practice and taste but I know a lot of level designers who love it and build great things very fast using it.
  7. Please specify if this is a paid or unpaid position.
  8. Sweden made it so easy for us to advance yet we couldn't score one goal against South Korea. Must be the curse of the World Cup winner. I don't know.
  9. It doesn't seem to always work. For example when that Serbian player got dragged down by two Swiss players and the VAR didn't intervene. In the end it is just a prompt for the referee to review the situation once more. The call is still with the referee on the field. So I don't understand that, but overall I agree it turns out to be beneficial.
  10. FrieChamp


    Maybe worth taking a small detour on your way from Madrid to Paris and make a stop in Normandy? Visit Mont Saint-Michel, see some WW II bunkers and shit?
  11. Japan just beat Colombia. Why do I even try to predict results any longer...
  12. Congrats, Mexico! Deserved victory.
  13. Argentina - Iceland: 1-1. The Northeners are at it again! Got my Germany jersey on and look forward to today's match against Mexico.
  14. I think we don't have one of these yet? One day remaining, boys! And we are off to a great start as Spain just fired their head coach.
  15. Hi! Interesting question. So the only available mechanic/interaction to the player is slow walking and you are asking how to make the experience more interesting through changes to the level, yes? hmm...is your choice of layout really the best option in this case? Will the player have to keep backtracking to the center or can they go directly from POI A to B to C? Does the terrain really need to be flat everywhere? As you said, it is pretty boring if you can see everything from where you stand in the center and limits your options on how to shape the terrain to guide the player. Watch this (18:15m): Will there be any structures (man-made or natural) along the way? Think about what kind of bread crumbs you could place to pull the player towards the POIs. Clem's article 'push & pull' might be useful reading for you: http://www.clement-melendez.com/portfolio/articles/push-pull/introduction/( Ravines or dried out riverbeds maybe? Screenshots of the WIP level or layout sketches would be useful!
  16. Such a great breakdown of the process that an experienced LD goes through when designing such a level. Excellent work and thanks for sharing!
  17. That live reveal and the build-up to it was blown out of proportions for what Battlefield 5 is turning out to be. I wish they had been a little bit braver with the setting. Oh well, there are still some interesting gameplay changes coming up for people who enjoy Battlefield. Here is the video by jackfrages that MadsenFK mentioned earlier:
  18. There are layouts that can be described by mutually exclusive terms like symmetrical or asymmetrical, linear or open world etc. whereas a "three lane" layout might be a layout variant that lends itself particularly well to CS, but it could still be symmetrical or asymmetrical. It's a very specific term from the CS mapping world and it rarely applies to levels outside that world. What is the problem/assignment that you are dealing with so that you are asking about this?
  19. I like how they explicitly state "This is something completely new." like they have a guilty conscience.
  20. First few times I've seen this I thought to myself "here comes yet another post-apocalyptic zombie game yawn..." but having seen this I must say it is growing on me. Cool characters. And these "noots" (?) are something else.
  21. I thought I'd never see the day...
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