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Yup, this is my fourth and final attempt at a decent portfolio design: it's basically the greatest common divisor of all of the previous design's strong points.

It's designed for a 1024x768 resolution. Sorry for not being able to open any material, make sure to check again by the end of this weekend if you want to see it (and more).


Now beat me up and piss on my parade :D

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I like the frames and site colors/design but i guess you are looking for criticism:

first of, you claim to be an art director and architect BUT there is no prove for either of that in your resume. if you are indeed a studied architect then you should mention your education in your resume (only hint at you being an architect is half a month of work you mention at a company no one can find info about). same for the art director title: In most companies you would probably be hired as a junior or normal artist. From your resume i can see that you have never done inhouse work before, is that right? cuz that would be one of the minimal requirements to even suggest yourself as an art director (and judging by your foto you dont look old enough to have the neccessary amount of experience). basically: prove what you claim to be - otherwise you will look nonserious.

in general your resume is a bit strange to browse if you actually designed the site for 1024 viewing then the text size is a bit too big. try to get more info into the viewport, most relevant info first. as mentioned before i dont think its a good idea to list the architect thing. well i wouldnt.

but it really depends on what you want to do with your folio. seeing that you put in a resume looks like you wanna use it to get a job or more freelance work.

i second the call for bigger thumbnails, they dont even need to be squares :P also depending on how much you can show off in the end it might be good to split it up in categories (not neccessarily on different pages tho) like Texturing, Modeling or whatever.

maybe replace your email adress with "contact me" or whatever and move the title to line up with the right end of the text there.

in general i think it just doesnt give enough info. so maybe explain a bit more on the thumbnail pages.


i hope this helps you a bit getting more out of your page. its a nice start :-D


oh almost forgot. if your 3d scanning method is really working properly and gets decent results for ingame use then you should definitely mention it somewhere on your site. it shows creativity in work methods and stuff

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"Art Director & Architect" :P

Excellent feedback by Mr. Horstmann.

Job descriptions like "Event arranger" for a level design site don't really help in your resume either. I think you should position yourself more clearly as in what position you would like to work in, what your biggest skills are, underline them with sufficient background information and cut down the fluff.

Adding information on what amateur work and what professional work you have done would be good too. "Contour studios" ? You have co-founded a studio? As an architect? Wha? :???:

There is nothing bad about saying that you have "only" done MOD/amateur work so far. It puts you even in a better light when people go "hey, this guy kicks ass without having even worked in a studio, he does this all in his free time". Now if you say you are an "art director" though, people will judge you with different eyes.. ;)

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Thank you all VERY MUCH, this is exactly the kind of criticism I like! It was not exactly what I was having in mind though... The reason I had that position posted on the site is because of reasons that still are sensitive and so I removed it from the resume but forgot to remove it from the top of the page. Also, I'm not intending to let it circulate just yet, I just wanted a bit of feedback on the design. Please just forget about it for the moment - it feels kind of stressing because I can't remove it right at this moment. Basically I was excited about finally having the design ready for showcase but I forgot about the sensitivity of the content.

Just to get things clear: When it comes to the rest of the resume, I have tried to clean out everything not related to games in specific (which rules out quite alot - feels like "killing my babies"). The reason I kept the leveldesign.nu position is because I help arrange and plan LAN parties/sponsored competitions for developers all over the nation, but if it feels irrelevant as you say it does, I'll remove it.

Again, thanks a million guys... I like criticism that really puts me on the spot. I was pretty stupid to think that people were just going to pay attention to the design. However, I've gotten some great tips due to my mistake so I'm glad about and very thankful for that :)

So, about the design: I was also thinking about not just having squares, I think I can make a pretty interesting pattern with the background in mind. One for 2D art, one for the dev. process (guides basically) and one for miscallenous (music and trad. art). What do you think about that?

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