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  1. I spoke with Einar for a while last night; he and Neil lost contact with each other years ago and have not been able to get back in touch since. There were some speculation Neil has been in bad health for a while. However, a few months ago Neil tried contacting Einar again. They weren't able to get back in touch afterwards, so that's the latest info there is. As far as project status goes though, it's not cancelled. I think both of them are keen on getting back on track even after all these years.
  2. Fun to see this thread being brought back from the dead I was part of the team for a few years up until 2007/2008. At that time the game was about 60% finished, with 5-6 segments more or less done (the levels were huge). It should be stated Neil truly did a great job on the levels. I should still have the game anno 2008 on an old computer in a storage somewhere. Everyone on the team, Neil and Einar included, pitched in in their spare time, and given the AAA scope of the project it was likely tricky business to sustain. Einar used to dream about starting up an actual dev studio to produce the game, and should there have been financial means I think it would have happened. Had Kickstarter been a thing back then, who knows. Our conversations eventually faded sometime in 2009; at that time to my knowledge the project was still alive, but I doubt it still is, at least as a commercial product. I've pinged Einar and will let you know should there be anything more to say
  3. This is getting to be one of the classiest real-time sci-fi pieces ever! Ridiculously impressive stuff Hélder & Philip
  4. *posts more* Seriously though, it was great to finally meet. And I got to share a hot tub with Hélder. Mmm dat memory.
  5. How did I miss this!? Fantastic work Bram! ~~~~
  6. As a daily lurker of MapCore since '06, stumbling upon this thread made my day KoKos: dDo is meant for all kinds of texturing! Environments, vechicles, weapons, characters, organics, anything. We'll make sure to post up some full environment examples soon. Word on the street is [HP] might be cooking up something awesome... so make sure to give him a good poke Pampers: We just found the issue with the mesh loading -- make sure to check normals when exporting your mesh for now, and it should be working. Fix on the way. Let me know if it's still acting up. Thanks all
  7. Thanks D3ads! I've been hanging around every day since '06 coochy, Are you sure you have the latest version of nDo? On October 22nd I released a localization update, making nDo work for any language. Please let me know if this version does not work for you! Teddy
  8. Gloglebag, I'm sorry about this -- I had no idea Silverlight would cause these kinds of problems for visitors. Hence, I will ditch the Silverlight development framework entirely and develop a HTML5 version instead. This will however require some time, so meanwhile please visit this link for a download: http://cgted.com/nDo.zip For installation instructions: http://www.philipk.net/ndo.html For PhilipK's tutorial: http://www.philipk.net/tutorials/ndo/ndo.html Should any issues arise, please let me know! Teddy
  9. This is a very good point Skjalg, Because of this I added a simplified HTML version which is displayed automatically for those who don't have (or don't dare install ) Silverlight. So now you should be good to go too! Teddy
  10. Philip, I did, but every post I make needs authorization by a moderator... I posted over half a day ago. Nysuatro, thanks for the tip! http://tech-artists.org/forum/showthrea ... 3#post7763
  11. Thanks for reporting! Odd. I updated with buttons that hopefully link correctly. Does it work for you now? http://www.cgted.com Thanks again, Teddy
  12. Thank you all for the kind words, I'm really happy you find it useful I just put up a website for the tool, check it out at http://cgted.com for the latest updates! A few new features have been added, such as making normals tileable and improved stability. Teddy
  13. Pomp (and any other CS2 user out there): get the latest version (http://philipk.net/ndo/nDo.zip), and the tool should now work for CS2 users as well. Thanks for reporting! Teddy
  14. Sorry about that Pomp, I haven't had a copy of CS2 to test this on. It's only tested for CS3 and up. This one might take some time to track, I'll fix that confusing alert meanwhile however.
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