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    The random model thread!

    started designing a new bed for myself. i got hands on some very nice weathered wood planks from a pier close by. just a quick mockup in modo here. coming from a 3d background, i got used to generating quick previews in 3d for my projects
  2. Sa74n

    some contract work: RIFT

    thanks guys. @deciever: yeah my job was to build these based on concepts. @helder: my guess was that the people who earn their income doing art for video games can still read the effort put into it. the workflow was mainly diffuse -> heightmap -> normals but i often did some basic highpoly/bake to work out edges and other major shapes.
  3. Hey everyone. It's been a while. Now that RIFT has been released to shelves and having finished my B.A. in Industrial Design i finally have time show off some of my work on RIFT. i was contracted by TRION to work on various assets of all scale. this is just an excerpt of that work. i'm also currently looking for contract work to fill the upcoming months. if any of your employers are looking for external help, just drop me a mail at hhorstm(at)gmail.com. I hope you like it (images were rendered in marmoset)
  4. Sa74n

    [HP] ~ 3D Sketchbook Thread

    nice modeling there, helder. you've come a long way for sure!
  5. congratulations buddy. well deserved. with all the hiring going on at blizzard you gotta wonder when the first layoff rolls are kicking in.
  6. very nice, bram. you're getting better and better at this.
  7. very impressive, robert. the video looked stunning.
  8. nice work matthias, glad to see someone talented working on the japanese map. hope to see some more screenshots soon.
  9. i was sick of always drawing clean design sketches. that was the result
  10. its sad that hardly any games manage to catch the beauty of most of these places. i sure would love to travel to norway and scotland - love the rocky landscapes.
  11. Sa74n

    Off Limits - Russia

    thats much better, wesley
  12. unclean is much better in this case love it tho
  13. looks like cad modeling. i never tried or even heard of pro/e but when it comes to cad modeling i definitely recommend having a look at solidworks. its probably the best cad tool out there and actually fun to use.
  14. happy birthday, sönke
  15. Not meaning to throw gas into the fire, can't please everyone, but for what it's worth, a panel of international experts on design disagrees. goes to show how much the red dot award is actually worth. personally i think only a small fraction of red dot award winners actually deserves a price.. but that's a completely different story. i quite like the new ns models. it actually is not the armor but the face that looks too generic for me. it would probably be worth adding a few face variations which look a bit more unique.
  16. great work, man! i loved the original map back in the day. it actually makes me want to play some cs:s haven't had that for years
  17. got this fine thing on friday
  18. Sa74n

    [HP] ~ 3D Sketchbook Thread

    you should really watch out for ao bugs resulting from overlaying details, especially concave ones, on the highpoly model. its worth fixing that stuff in photoshop. the texture could also benefit from some subtle variety in colour on diffuse and spec (scratched parts for example). nice work though
  19. nice paintings there bram
  20. make sure the monitor supports 1:1 pixel scaling. mine doesnt :/ its worth spending some extra money on a good monitor like the dell one.
  21. interesting. i hope there will be more infos released at e3. certainly looks atmospheric
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