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L4D models in a source mod?

Wesley Tack

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Hey, I was wondering if people use L4D models in their mods and if that is something that is allowed by Valve? I'd like to use some clean non-broken vehicle models for my levels in my mod. The ones in HL2 are all smashed up and broken. Perhaps someone already extracted them and would like to share them? Or knows of some decent free vehicle models online in case Valve doesn't allow mods to use L4D content.


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afaik valve's policy always used to be "as long as it is a source mod we don't mind it"

Did they say this before somewhere? I might, just to be safe, extract the default hl2 cars and quickly make them not so broken up / cleaner versions of it and adjust the materials for them as well. I think this might be the safest thing to do (although a bit more extra work ;o ).

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Honestly? It doesn't matter, I've seen all number of game engine mods using assets from HL2 and other Source titles on Moddb, highly illegal but Valve have yet to do anything about it.. in comparison to that, what you're wanting to do isn't really worth hissing at, let alone a "C&D".

Plus as Pampers said, there are all numbers of game assets conversions between other engines to Source.. the only developer I've seen throw a hissy fit over it is Bohemia Interactive... they're pretty clear that you don't use their assets outside of their titles unless you want a lawyer's boot up your ass, even if it's a mod. As an alternative, editing the default HL2 cars can work but take note that most of those vehicles are based on Eastern European (mostly Russian designs), so it depends whether those fit into the mod or not really.

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