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  1. Yes I'm working together with Brady on this project. GameB is Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs btw
  2. Spent some time over the weekend updating my resume and blog page of my portfolio. I removed it about a year ago because I felt it was too cluttered. You can check out the updates here: http://www.wesleytack.com/?cat=9 Hopefully by this time next year I'll have 2 more game projects finished that I can post as well!
  3. Well for the time being I'm done with Source, I'm on a new project now... I wanted to finish my work on Off Limits this year (still got some time left for the actual release). But I'm not touching the mapping anymore. I wanted to be able and focus on new ventures when 2012 arrives They have been tested like hell and I've spent a lot longer on them as I probably should have, but I wanted them to be as good as I could make them with the time I had. I'm not sure if it will have been worth the loss of time and money. But when you work on something you enjoy you don't really think of that at the time. I hope the next release will get more people playing it for sure. Will try and promote the mod as much as possible after release.
  4. Made a video of my last Source map + news post on moddb for those who are interested in following the mod progress: http://www.moddb.com/mods/off-limits
  5. Congratz! I think California isn't that much worse than Brazil Looks like a lot of MapCore guys are at Blizzard by now?
  6. Hey, was wondering if there are any programmers here who could help me out in finishing Off Limits? I got like 1 week left of work to finish the mod and release it. Sadly I can only do visual/art stuff. The current coder doesn't have time to focus on getting it out the door this year and I'd like to call this mod done and released this year (preferably next month). I hope someone has some spare time left and is willing to help out a dedicated modder! contact mail/msn: [email protected] thanks!
  7. Finally close to finishing my last level. Will post more of it soon.
  8. Some more work done on this level (getting close to finishing it):
  9. Ok, I'll announce one when it's done
  10. For those interested in Source development I added a "Development Videos" section which shows some of my level work: http://www.wesleytack.com/?cat=16
  11. I've created a few of these videos over the past few months (years?). This is my latest working on a level for my Half-Life┬▓ mod Off Limits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45U85dI6zjs?fs ... 2=0xfebd01 More videos can be found here: http://www.wesleytack.com/?cat=16 I hope to have the final Off Limits released sometime next month. Then perhaps a mapcore challenge would be in order?
  12. Thanks for the responses, I'll look at what L4D has and most likely decompile those. I wasn't sure if other mods did the same already in the past or if there were known problems with it. I guess not!
  13. I sent him over the past 8 years 2 mails and I never got a reply
  14. Did they say this before somewhere? I might, just to be safe, extract the default hl2 cars and quickly make them not so broken up / cleaner versions of it and adjust the materials for them as well. I think this might be the safest thing to do (although a bit more extra work ;o ).
  15. Hey, I was wondering if people use L4D models in their mods and if that is something that is allowed by Valve? I'd like to use some clean non-broken vehicle models for my levels in my mod. The ones in HL2 are all smashed up and broken. Perhaps someone already extracted them and would like to share them? Or knows of some decent free vehicle models online in case Valve doesn't allow mods to use L4D content. Thanks!
  16. ImHo if a game is fun it can be on a dated engine. I'd still play Quake2 DM if it was made available like QuakeLive. As for Nuclear Dawn, they deserve to do well, they took a cool concept and made it happen. I think they went through a great deal of hurdles to get it to this point. I hope it will sell enough for them to make a profit out of it. I like the look of the commander mode btw
  17. Why let someone else do it when you can?
  18. It seems modding in general seems dead, or very hard to get players on it these days. Neotokyo has people saying "awesome mod, why no servers/players?". I released Off Limits last month, and already after a few weeks we had a few players on and off (never at the same time during the day and never enough to begin a decent match) saying hte same thing "this mod is awesome, needs more players!". I've been trying like hell to get it more active, I set up 8 servers upon release as well (a bit overboard so it seems). The only time I got a decent amount of players on is when I started using our Steam group and sent out a message at 7pm, then I got 10 people playing (out of 2000 downloads) It's also funny how people can give scores to a mod they haven't played. Our score went from 8.7 to 8.3 since we released and there hasn't been a decent match played since. They probably down vote it because it lacks players. I play to do one last update after this 2nd beta release and call it final. And perhaps release a trailer. I'll send that around a lot of mayor gaming websites and if it then dies out so be it. I think indie development and cheap deals on AAA games have giving the gamers these days an abundance of high quality games to pick from, why would they still go through the hassle of getting mods? So, I fear mods need to become available on steam and be giving exposure through Steam or else they are bound to die quickly... That said, you can DL Off Limits here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/off-limits
  19. Wanted to ask something since a lot of UDK people are here as well. I'll just post the link to the support UDK thread I created: http://forums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=805577 Does anyone know what is causing this? :/ This is in the July UDK beta.
  20. http://carmageddon.com/ 3 min left...
  21. http://www.basementrenegades.com/index.html one bad ass folio you got there!
  22. I think they mainly wanted to show of the character animations in this movie. Which is really nice imHo.
  23. Updated my projects page last weekend with final shots of all 3 Off Limits levels I did. Also did updates on my blog where I added a lot of work in progress shots and text over the years of working on Off Limits. I also created a FlickrPro account so I could have the full sized images shown on it from now on without resizing them. For those interested you can go check it out: http://www.wesleytack.com/
  24. Well after countless discussions between many people we found the solution, thought I might as well post it here in case anyone ever has the same issue: We recompiled the Linux server with a different GCC version, 4.1.2 instead of 4.2.x
  25. We're facing an issue I don't immediately know where to start to debug. Basically, in all of our maps, some physics props have an issue where the orientation of their model snaps at 90┬░ angles instantaneously. This is not only with props, but also eg with our vehicles, so I'm looking suspicously at vphysics . In addition, this only seems to happen on our linux server. Not 100% sure, since it does not happen consistently on all props, but we've tried reproducing it a lot on a windows listenserver without success, and on our linux dedicated server it happens frequently. Here's a video of the issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhmrP6eSAek At one point we had a vehicle that stood still with a driver in it, and it did a 'snap' at nearly fixed intervals of several seconds. Player got out, it went away, player stepped in, it was back (another reason for me to look at vphysics with the evil eye ). I'm hoping someone has hit this issue before, or can at least point me in the right direction, or, a method for debugging this. Since I'm not sure if it's related to vphysics linux internals, the linux build machine/settings, networking tolerances, ... I'm not sure where to start looking. Thanks!
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