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Precursor Mod - HL2 EP2 Singleplayer (now updated to 1.1)


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For credits, media and download visit:



It's finally here. My first real release and my first try at SP.

There's a lot of things I'd like to say about the project, but I'll skip that for now and let you just download and start playing.

If you feel like submitting feedback on our feedback page, it is much appreciated! You can also post your thoughts directly here.

I hope you enjoy my little adventure! :)

Great thanks to the people who helped me out!

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Yep, that was kind of frustrating. It slipped by me, my programmer and the final 10 QA-testers... :lol:

Just as we had gotten all the mirrors up and the download frenzy had commenced, I was notified of this issue. Since it's relatively minor and doesn't interfere with the actual game, we have decided to fix it in the next patch/update and not straight away.

And thanks for submitting feedback! It's always appreciated.

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Based on all the major mirrors for the mod the amount of downloads is around 2k atm.

I have 16 feedback reports (sent in using the official questionnaire). People are mostly writing a little bit here and there about the game, especially on moddb etc so you can soak in a lot of feedback from all these various places (like your blog :)). However, more often then not it's just a line or two but you still get a good general "vibe" from the community.

I am looking forward to hearing more from mapcore people!

Moddb users are a lot more easily wooed then the mapcore crew and I'd like some more input from here to ensure I learn as much as I can from this project. Don't be shy :)

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Thanks 3dnj! emot_smile.gif

Also, I have some news!

Precursor Sequel Announced (*april fools!!!)
We all knew this was inevitable. The players wanted more. I am glad we are finally able to go public with part 2 of the Precursor saga; Precursorer: The Ultimate Battle. We know expectations are high and we solemnly swear to make it even more precursor:ier then the original.

In Precursorer: The Ultimate Battle you take full control of White Forest, but while doing so you recover from your amnesia and remember that you are actually an elite special soldier trained to go back in time to stop Freeman before the events of Half Life 1. Did we not mention you had amnesia in Precursor? Well, you did.

You were chosen for the task since you are Gordon's half-brother (your superiors knew he would only trust his brother, obviously). Time-travelling isn't as easy as it seems and you will come to realize the importance of family in a world dominated by intra-dimensional aliens.

- Awesome-based gameplay
- Bilinear vector-casting per-pixel isotropic mastering renders
- Chest-driven female characters
- Environments display rich IKEA-catalogue art style
- Re-invent time-travelling FPS:es
- Achievements
- Epic storyline
- 37 weapons


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