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  1. The whole season 3 killed the hype for me. Maybe this teaser is for people like me who are not waiting for another season ?
  2. It's crazy how much effort they put on the first part of this intro when they didn't even need to do it at first. But it really brings life and texture to Midgar.
  3. CSGO Players are like... "People are wasting hunderd of hours of their life to make extra free content for my favorite game, fuck them !!!" I always wanted to make a new map for the game or, why not, finishing Highlands huhu. I even started a map for this competition, even with the small amount of free time I can have with a kid to take care of. But when I read the shit talk from csgo "pgm", seriously, why I would do that ?
  4. Yeah there is no link between the games except the bestiary and sometimes character names. It's the same with Zelda and Breath of Fire for example. Chocobos are a mascotte to the serie but are considered like horses (you even have chocobo races haha). And about the talking wolf, he is my favorite character of the serie ^^
  5. This moins incredible really. The shinra top brass are really well done.
  6. This is incredible guys, good job.
  7. No, don't do that, it's a waste of memory. The better solution is, instead of doing a big brush for the roof, to make more precise brushes that will follow the walls of your buildings
  8. It was awesome in the original one. He didn't has the rocket launcher everytime, just on some occasions. The tension created by the Nemesis was really the core of the game, think of it as a super mister X but you can actually fight for extra loot if you take im down (but it was hard as fuck). I can't wait for this game, this one really nailed the fact that you are in a big fucking town full of monsters. In some part of the game, you lost the confined gameplay from the 2 first games but it was a good thing imo.
  9. I finally know what to ask for Christmas
  10. Ho boi. I'm a huge fan of the Metroid Prime serie. The 2nd is in my top 3 of favorites games.
  11. Anyway, for a LD, you don't need to learn hardcore Tools and feature, just being able to create simple shapes should be enough
  12. Also don't make my mistake, if you want to apply for a LD job, try to learn to make maps for both singleplayer and multiplayer (and maybe different type of games as well) Both are not the same way of thinking and you will learn a lot about Scripting on solo maps.
  13. My baby is sick for the first time in 9 months. Harsh time, haven't really slept last few night. And that when you understand you were on the small lucky side of parents being able to have full nights of sleep. Can't immagine when your kiid don't sleep how it could be difficult ^^
  14. Haha yes I should have been more clear as the wwall is actually green ^^.
  15. The Green channel of your normal maps on the brick wall is inverted.
  16. I'm surprised it's not writen HIDEO KOJIMA all over the console.
  17. I was able to play it those 2 last weeks. Pretty good game, made Leon and Claire (bis). I was expecting more differences between the 2 but was still ok to replay it. I usually like difficult games so I tried in hardcore and didn't enjoyed it at all. I know the original resident games were very difficult but I prefer my games to be challenging, not sadistic. So I started back on Normal, I would have love a balance between both because it was a bit easy (finished Claire scenario with 40 grenades) I was glad about Leon story but claire feels a bit like a rambo bimbo out from nowhere and the end scene and dialogues were pretty terrible. Tried the ghost survivors, I know it was a free DLC but it's not worth playing imo.
  18. Starts pretty meh and ends pretty meh for me Meh
  19. First father day, so happy to have this cool kiddy
  20. Ho ! that explains the noise.
  21. Synonyms & Antonyms for exotic Synonyms: Adjective bizarro, fantastic (also fantastical), glamorous (also glamourous), marvelous (or marvellous), outlandish, romantic, strange Synonyms: Noun curio, curiosity, objet d'art (also objet), oddity, oddment, rarity Antonyms: Adjective familiar, nonexotic, nonglamorous, plain-Jane, unexotic, unglamorous, unromantic
  22. My guess is that during the packimg of your content, the soft you used fucked up the lighmaps stored in the BSP but I don't know why this would happen. Did you test the packed bsp before uploading it on the workshop ?
  23. One of the things that helped me when I started detailling maps was to analyse deeply existing maps. I made tons of screeshots of everything I found cool in maps and tried to understand why and how they did it. You can take a deep look at valve latest maps and even some really good ones from the community. For techincall stuff, having decompilled maps to see how they made stuff is really usefull too.
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