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Firearms|Source Released


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one of our testers is starting a torrent

did you guys try the FP mirror? They no longer require a login/pass to download from now.

I'll start uploading it to my server tonight and have another mirror ready for tomorrow.

thanks for bearing with us :)

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Fileplanet is the Devil of internet file distribution.

fair enough

I'm uploading my mapcore exclusive mirror right now. Unfortuantely I have to go to a bachelor party tonight and will probably be pretty drunk :spot:

I will try to post the link tomorrow for those that dont already have it. My host is in the USA btw (site5)

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Just tried it, and I don't like it. Most maps are dark as hell, even the hud is dark- I had a hell of a time trying to see the gun I was buying, and the names for the vast majority meant nothing to me, and apparently the gun stats are broken or something because all of them had 0 DPS listed, so I just had to randomly experiment. Never really found success outside limited progress with the sole shotgun available (which is fucking weird in a mod all about having as many guns as possible), though I kept getting sniped by guys hiding in dark corners I couldn't see into, or shot from close up by guys I still couldn't see, or blown up by grenades I didn't see. If you told me the server I had played on had admins running around invisible fucking with people I'd be inclined to believe you, that's how bad the visibility thing was. Also the different team character models don't look very different and the friendly icon fades out past like 30 feet, and the name popup too eventually, so I would also waste ammo on friendlies or ignore enemies who would go on to snipe me.

Basically it felt like the first time I played Counterstrike.

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