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  1. I read somewhere that the wire is only available in SD 4:3 format. shit is annoying
  2. How much of Brooklyn Decker's breasts do you get to see in battleship?
  3. Looking forward to some fine summer sippin'
  4. Here let me ruin her for all of you:
  5. Michael Ruppert is a crackpot: http://peakoildebunked.blogspot.com/200 ... ophet.html If you're interested in the truth about peak oil it takes about 5 minutes of googling to refute pretty much everything he says. But conspiracy theories are sexy so I understand the appeal. Check out http://www.theoildrum.com/ for a realistic look at the state of world oil.
  6. the key to donnie darko is to watch it when you're 15. it's like the movie version of ender's game.
  7. Drive man. The opening scene + soundtrack.
  8. He was a true bad ass mother fucker.
  9. Interesting long article http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/11/techn ... wanted=all
  10. If you're in NYC don't worry nothing is going to happen. Everyone is just jerking off to disaster porn. The evacuation and MTA shutdown is just Bloomberg covering his ass after fucking up the blizzard last winter. I would only seriously be worried in a rural area.
  11. This reminded me to see if is available on newegg yet.
  12. BF2 was fun but there will be no greater times than all night sessions of BF1942 Desert Combat mod.
  13. People buy battlefield games for single player? Learn something new everyday.
  14. Nope, illegal in parks/plazas/beaches. They fine you You can't smoke in bars/restaurants either but I think that's more common worldwide.
  15. Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes in the park!? What is this land of magical wonder?
  16. Is there a seniority system in game development where older people with families aren't expected to put in as much crunch time? Working till 10PM every night for 3 months sounds like it might even be exciting in your 20s but it must really suck if you have a wife and kids.
  17. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2011/05/the-death-march-the-problem-of-crunch-time-in-game-development.ars?
  18. I quit playing CS competitively a year before CAL/CPL died which was about 5 years ago. I was pretty deeply involved in the culture and don't regret the few years I spent on CS. I think you have to look at it with a realistic perspective though, most of us were 13-19 year olds who had too much free time and didn't have to pay any bills. On top of that going through college or having a job gives you a whole different social reality that can be infinitely more rewarding than a virtual one. That said I've met a lot of older people who play WOW in their spare time. If there is any real money left in competitive gaming it's probably in SC2. I barely play PC/Console games anymore but I do watch JustinTV gaming streams which for some reason I can't get enough of. All last week I had a stream of some guy playing LA Noire in 720p playing in the background while I was working. JTV just posted for applicants on hacker news a few days ago talking about building a huge esports site(probably with SC2 in mind since it's the most popular game on there by far) so there's money being made somewhere. http://www.justin.tv/jobs/jobs/x?source=HNesports I'm looking at http://www.gotfrag.com/ right now and it seems pretty alive. Lots of WOW and SC2 in the news, CS/TF2 in the forum. I heard TF2 is pretty fun in competitive play and I can understand why. Unrelated rant: Looking at the gotfrag site reminds me why I've always disliked the "professionalization" of gaming. The people responsible for running the websites and tourneys have a bad habit of trying to emulate real sports business practices in an attempt to legitimize their efforts. As a result you get SC2 broadcasters who think that success means communicating like you're Marv Albert (NBA commentator) or overemphasizing parts of the game that are marginally important but help promote the ill-conceived fantasies of a guy who watches too much SportsCenter. Gaming can be successful as a spectator sport but only if the key people stop trying to shoehorn it into a world it doesn't belong. I understand that no self respecting adult wants to be directly associated with cheeto fingered 13 year olds but they're going to keep fucking up until they find a different model.
  19. I didn't make any maps but I agree http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDVhB0jGP7I
  20. 2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Duke Nukem Forever® Has “Gone Gold” http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.com/sh ... p?t=121799
  21. holy shit that owl city song makes me want to jump off a cliff
  22. On episode 10/13. Cheesy at times but overall pretty funny.
  23. He represents my district and I voted for him. He also lives like 15 minutes from me
  24. I'm pretty sure that guy is wearing a shirt that says JewTube.
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