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  1. Ages since I last posted here. Hello again all! Finished an art test this week for a jr position at a really awesome studio so hoping I did good enough. Would also mean I can leave my awful retail job.
  2. http://mattnelson3d.com/ Hey guys, been a while. Anyway working on my portfolio at the moment and while its not content complete would be awesome if I could get some feedback from you guys so far. Cheers.
  3. Nice to finally have 64 players on Battlefield, feels like playing the PC version now. Also really impressed with the share video and screenshot stuff + twitch intergration. Can't find away to export videos or screenshots to anything apart from twitter or facebook so far though. Killzone has some dam sex textures.
  4. The single player campaign is what really interests me, I want to see more of that.
  5. Found this the other day might help http://www.polycount.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1731425&postcount=326
  6. Love the Romans so looking forward to this. Glad it is controller based now though.
  7. sarge mat

    Random Photo Thread

    Nice shot Chris, great colours.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, hopefully going to address those things over the next week. cheers
  9. Cheers the comments guys. I will look into all that stuff
  10. Hey guys Thought I would share my current project to get some feedback. It was also my final year project at University so there are some really crappy assets (the chair for example) I has to throw in quickly for the deadline that I want to re do now. Also want to make the view outside the window a lot more interesting and improve the lights and textures across the board. Anyway let me know what you think. Cheers
  11. I really hope we don't see some IP's getting picked up but not the studios behind them :/
  12. 1. To The Moon - Might have been late 2011? Don't care played it this year, this game was awesome and I still think about. 2. Halo 4 - I love the Halo'z and I didn't think they could pull it off but they sure has hell did. 3. Dishonored - Really fun, really awesome art + cool setting. 4. Dear Esther - Kind of awesome! 5. Journey Honourable mentions Fez Journey The Walking Dead Far Cry 3 Dark Souls - would be higher only I just started it mass effet 3 - because it was fun until the end.......
  13. sarge mat

    Random Photo Thread

    Looking pretty good! hdrsoft make some pretty good stuff.
  14. wow that's kind of shady, considering all the good press they are getting over the Elite remake etc.
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