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Gaming on ipod touch


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Plugin not working? :?

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HVWtMBOj3w

I'd like to hear opinions on whether you already play on your iphone or ipod touch, if you intend to purchase a 2nd generation ipod touch to play games on the go or have any general feedback - maybe someone's even thinking about developing for the platform? Fire away!

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I own a iPhone3G and It's the best 500€ I ever paid for a gadget!

I am 100% satisfied with this product, especially it's games! There are a lot of free games already on the appstore, and many of them are really original and fun!

It's a whole new platform, so playing this new games is very refreshing.

Most of the games I play on it are free but I bought Monkey Ball and Crash Racing, and they were awesome as well!

I still prefer my PSP for portable console, cos most of the games for ipod/iphone are casual games, but I guess that's the whole idea. You're in the bus station, your bored, and grab your iphone start playing this casual games and time flees!

So far, my favourit game for iphone is definitely Aurora Feint, and It's FREE! I recommend everyone to check it out.



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i got an offer to develop games on the iphone, but since the lack of time i can't take that chance. anyway i think the iphone is somehow a first step for apple to get more into the gaming biz. maybe some developers get excited about the objective-c code language and all those frameworks that exist in the mac world.

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