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  1. You can, its a bit cost prohibitive though. Vive / index controllers need either a vive/index headset to sync to or you can use vive tracker / steamcontroller usb dongle where you need 1 per controller. You then also need at least 1 lighthouse to actually track the controllers. Steam vr should then be able to detect the oculus headset and then detect the vive / index controllers. The piecemeal sales are more because the index controllers can be used with vive / vive pro systems that already have lighthouses and such.
  2. Thanks @General Vivi for talking about the game and about the editor today. I was already excited for the game, but being able to play it was definitely sweet. I am definitely looking forward to some mapping competitions once this drops.
  3. How many is a couple? I'll toss my name in
  4. A guy I chat with got his PS4 last night... and it was DOA. Just a flashing blue light in his face. He got reaaal happy. That would be the worst, to come that close and have it not work. I lucked out and my roommate also picked up a system and his is going strong, so I'm just using it when he goes to bed.. I hope these issues aren't too widespread, don't want another red ring situation... I'm about 5 hours in and for the most part I like it. My only complaint is damage feels inconsistent. I'm playing on hard so most things kill me in one or two hits I don't know how different normal is, but I'll have times when an attack that killed me from full health one time will do hardly any damage to me under the same circumstances another time. Between that and a few spots where checkpoints seemed a little far off led to a few frustrated attempts.
  5. Well, got mine at midnight launch. Played a couple hours of Killzone then had it shut off on me while browsing psn to then not turn back on. Tried all the fixes I found around the web but he's dead Jim... Took it back to Gamestop and they refunded and ordered me a new one to ship out at some point... I guess I don't get to see the future any more.
  6. Fun fact, just tried this with my old 8800GTX that had artifacts all over the screen and wasn't even detected correctly in windows anymore and so far its actually running again.
  7. Frie posted that a page back, though its just the raw message
  8. I went to pick up a physical copy from a local gamestop because I had store credit, and they're sold out for non-preorders... Guess I'll wait until payday and pick it up digital.
  9. Weird, for me its listed between Race On - Demo Dedicated Server, and Ravaged Dedicated Server... I'm waiting for my new pc parts to arrive before I install anything atm so I haven't checked em out yet.
  10. Saw this, and I think it looks tight. The goal feels like it might be a stretch when using only the engine tech as the real shown material, but that said, the tech behind it looks fantastic.
  11. Yea, I watched some of Kedhrin's live stream, and while it was really cool watching someone who knew what they where doing working on stuff, it was something I jumped in and out of and not something I'd want to pay to watch.
  12. Picked it up at midnight, Beat the campaign in Heroic Coop in about 6 hours, felt kind of short but was enjoyable. Had a lot of fun with matchmaking until the servers started having issues...
  13. Sittting on 14 hours played since release, really enjoying myself. My performance is fine, but am always ok with improvements... Kind of wish I had the extra cash to buy the special edition when I pre-odered, if only I had known I would have enjoyed it so muc...
  14. I loved my Logitech G500, but the cord on it gave out. Now I'm using a Mionix Naos 5000 and I have to say I'm hooked
  15. Its in the Natural Selection folder in your steamapps/common. Use the LaunchPad.exe and itll pull up the user interface for everything from the editor to model viewer and lua debugger.. It used to ask you if you wanted to launch game or launchpad when you ran it, hopefully they bring that back or make a tools entry for it
  16. Added it to my favorite servers list, but cant join.. Get a game version mismatch D:
  17. I've also used uscript and am really liking it. Its definitly no replacement for traditional coding but I'm really liking it.
  18. I love the dot now, I feel like I'm doing so much better with it. xD
  19. Enjoying it so far, but I'm also pretty terrible I approve of this mapcore group game time announcement.
  20. I'm going to guess its the feedback route, since its part of the "Lab"
  21. Looks like the game is on free weekend on steam, good time to check it out. Although apparently it thinks my gfx card is unsupported... (running an asus geforce gtx 560ti) *edit* played a bot match, it was fun but then I crashed out after what I'm guessing would have been the final flag capture D:
  22. Well looks like Europe is back up, but NA is down now... I don't even know what to do before work now
  23. Console ones went first person for any kind of splitscreen play... Im having a lot of fun with future soldier. Haven't played any singleplayer yet, but the multiplay is a blast.
  24. Found a copy of the collectors edition for walk in pickup at a local gamestop... Score! So far I'm loving it
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