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  1. testinggg edit: jesus ive been registered here for 9 years
  2. I'm assuming many of you here have them, I picked up a HP Touchpad last year during the fire sale, mostly because it was cheap. I've come to love it and it was a great purchase, though I'm not sure what the right price point for one would be for me (definitely $100 ) My laptop is a 17 incher, and is permanently in a cocoon connected to an HDTV, wireless mouse/in, speakers, ipod cable, power cord, laptop cooler etc. Basically I should have bought a PC, though I feel like even if I had a more mobile, lightweight laptop with great battery, I wouldn't bring it around with me much, neither the
  3. i had been bored and cheap a few weeks ago and havent played a game in eons so between this and mw3, there were some popular things to get my hands on. rented mw3 and beat sp in 2 nights. then i realized my roommate has a ps3 so i rented uncharted 3. took over 10 hours i think, was a pretty damn sweet game. i think it could have maybe used a bit of variety in weaponry and opponents, but an interesting story and epic environments make it real sweet. i have no patience so i looked up the solutions for most of the puzzles (which really only seemed to exist in the one level?)
  4. I don't care if it's European, I do care that it's German though I've always wanted a diesel. The bag contains chocolate pecan babka bread from Panera. Most delicious.
  5. uh HP touchpad 16g, nothing complicated, little slow but nice to have around the house. My laptop is 17", has a 15 min battery at this point and is in a cocoon with 10 different wires plugged it. This is far more mobile.
  6. today i spent 100 on new boots i dont really need but cant find the courage to buy this 50 dollar game :embarrassed:
  7. ive been using an i-rocks rf-6570 wireless keyboard (its a combo with a mouse but i dont like the mouse) in conjunction with a logitech lx-8 mouse for my wireless needs. provided the mouse's receiver is pointed in the right way, they both work awesome. i havent even replaced the batteries in the kb and ive had it for nearly 2 years and i recharge the mouse's batteries once every few months over night.
  8. some random pic someone took of me last night
  9. curtains, cabinetry, rugs, and a coffee table. rid of a shitty roommate and now building a bachelor pad
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