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Quakis' Source Project.


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No project name just yet. I'm not going to make this project too ambitious and start small, but the basic initial plan is to go for a setting with a BioShock-ish atmosphere. The project will also be rather heavy on the custom content side of things as well. It's also another form to put together my skills and do something else with them. I'm currently starting off with building the scenes and required models for these scenes. But anything after that, will come after that, but I'm hoping to make a singleplayer level out of it at some point.

Although it may seem a little early, I thought I'd just make a little thread to go through the progress of the project. Possibly a good chance to get some comments on everything I work on (maps/models/textures) to improve on what I make and ensure I can get the highest looking quality out it this, especially in the lighting department.

Below is the basic rough 'sketch' of the bar area for one of the scenes made in hammer. A lot of the orange brush work is practically going to be replaced with models which you can find further below.

Hammer Sketchup: Bar Area

barsketchup01zh0.th.jpg barsketchup02cm3.th.jpg barsketchup03at9.th.jpg barsketchup04ai9.th.jpg

Models so far: Bar Area (untextured)

modelcombararea06ku4.th.jpg modelcomchair03dw0.th.jpg modelcommonbarstoolwv0.th.jpg modelcommonfan01ak5.th.jpg

modelcommonfan02bn9.th.jpg modelcommonwoodrail02pj9.th.jpg modelcompillar01dv9.th.jpg modelcomwindow04rg8.th.jpg

Next update will possibly be some textured models. :cool:

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Gordon freeman as a barman lol

Great to see you finally working on something current gen quakis. The project seems to have a lot of potential, keep it going :) My only crit is that the smoothing groups look very weird in the window, I think some hard edges would make the geometry stand out more.

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Although it may seem a little early, I thought I'd just make a little thread to go through the progress of the project.

I actually think it's cool to see a level progress through a thread. You're models all look very consistant with the style your going for, very nice. I particularly like the bar. I'm looking forward to seeing some textured pics. Great to see you're putting your skills to use on a newer engine too :D

I also very roughly model my props in brushes then export them as DXF. That way your scale is spot on. That's a tip I learnt from kan3 :cool: .

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Could be cool. Although the room is well populated by props, I think you need to give the actual room more depth though, have some stair-steps leading down to the main floor, give the ceiling some more height.

Search Google or Flickr for Art Deco for some inspiration. Have a look at these pics for starters :


http://blakeley.com/wordpress/wp-conten ... G_0568.JPG

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Don't worry, the rooms and other locations won't be as flat as that. It's just a basis to work from until I'm happy with the layouts. There'll be some more variety with height, vertical space, ceiling and floor details later when it progresses a bit further in. I'd rather not add details in that will possibly be scrapped later down the road.

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I just feel like making a quick update due to the thick layer of dust on this thread. I've been pretty much busy with school, Star Wars: The New Era and recently got accepted into the team behind Hostile Intent: Pheonix Rising. I haven't really had the time to exlusively work on this personal project of mine, but I'm currently trying to organise a way I can get some work done on it every now and then. I'm hoping to make an update a little into the future to document a little more indepth with what I'm trying to achieve, but when it comes to actually process being made, it'll be slim since I'll most likely be putting more work into the two mods I am part of the team with. Sorry about the lack of updates but hopefully I can have something worthwhile to read or show in the future. :(

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