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  1. m8nkey

    [CS:GO] Tulip

    Reminds me of the 1.6 map de_downtown by Dr.Dk and Backslider. Looks great, I like all the building signage.
  2. m8nkey


    Exceptional work. I haven't checked this one out ingame yet. I really like the controlled use of colour you display in this and also in Season.
  3. m8nkey


    Level design looks solid and nice monochromatic navigation scheme. I'll check it out ingame tomorrow.
  4. m8nkey

    (Halflife 1) Mayacore

    really nice, consistant attention to detail. I think every room looks interesting and unique.
  5. nice variety in lighting bro.
  6. Looks pretty good. I agree with Puddy's suggestions. Maybe consider a liberal use of overlays to break up the exterior walls too.
  7. Couldn't find an existing thread for fellow Mapcorian, Wesley Tack's, Source mod: Off-Limits. http://www.moddb.com/mods/off-limits The mod uses Desura for distribution http://www.desura.com/ which I hadn't used before either. I took the recent closed beta for a spin this week and think it looks exceptional. I haven't had a play yet so can't comment on gameplay. Hopefully I'll find or organise an Australian server over the next couple of weeks when I find some spare time.
  8. m8nkey


    A playable version is now available. I have media and a download link on my site: http://www.binaryspace.info/level-design/cs_metroplex/ If you're in the Oceania region and interested in a game, it's running 24/7 on my server: This is the single public test version I'm releasing. I don't intend to spend much more time on it. I'd still appreciate feedback, particularly about gameplay bugs or exploits. Thanks to all who provided feedback through this thread.
  9. The web browser in the screens offends me more than their content
  10. m8nkey

    The random model thread!

    cool dynamic poses Em. are you making this character for a specific game engine or just practice?
  11. thanks for providing your solution Wesley
  12. Looks awesome Mino. Do you intend to release a map or the assets as a pack? It would be a shame not to see them used ingame.
  13. m8nkey

    The random model thread!

    Nice work Em. Did you tweak the lower eyelid after we spoke on IM? Looks more prominent now. I'd also suggest adding a bit of upper eyelid following the contour of the eye, clearly distinguishable from the eye socket. This would make his face look more relaxed and natural instead of eyes wide open. Other than that it looks great.
  14. m8nkey


    looks great. I'll check it out ingame after work today.
  15. m8nkey

    The random model thread!

    Thanks for the tips. I hadn't even thought of using intersecting geometry, sounds like a good method for quickly creating variations too. I'm aiming for consistency in style and quality, not perfection so I think this is final:
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