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  1. Here's a very early work in progres shot of some assets I'm making for CS:GO. My intention is to build a bunch of decent, modular, urban models that can be used to quickly detail urban environments. I intend to release a map and the assets stand alone for others to use.
  2. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    Changing to imperial in Maya fixed it thanks.
  3. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    Nem's Crafty did the job thanks Ringel. I am still having problems with scale. I'm using Maya to model props and 3ds Max/Wall Worm to get my assets ingame. I have watched TopHat Waffle's mini series on Wall Worm. Within Maya I imported my BSP and attempted to use that for scale but my props are tiny ingame. I've set my Units in 3ds Max to "Generic". Any ideas?
  4. Rough iRay render with base materials setup in substance:
  5. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    I just setup a scene with a dev wall, crouch height, door etc. All around the center of the origin. I tried exporting multiple times. When I import to Maya I still see no geometry in the project outliner. I had exported entire maps years ago, no trouble. Thanks Ringel, I'll check out Crafty.
  6. Early WIP. Aesthetics inspired by Mateusz Urbanowicz - https://mateuszurbanowicz.com/
  7. m8nkey

    Hammer export to DXF

    Back in my day I used the Hammer export to DXF to allow me to import my bsp into Maya to ensure assets are to correct scale. Doesn't appear to be working for me. Any suggestions to correct this or any way to get my BSP geometry into external 3d apps?
  8. m8nkey

    [CS:GO] Tulip

    Reminds me of the 1.6 map de_downtown by Dr.Dk and Backslider. Looks great, I like all the building signage.
  9. m8nkey


    Exceptional work. I haven't checked this one out ingame yet. I really like the controlled use of colour you display in this and also in Season.
  10. m8nkey


    Level design looks solid and nice monochromatic navigation scheme. I'll check it out ingame tomorrow.
  11. really nice, consistant attention to detail. I think every room looks interesting and unique.
  12. Looks pretty good. I agree with Puddy's suggestions. Maybe consider a liberal use of overlays to break up the exterior walls too.
  13. Couldn't find an existing thread for fellow Mapcorian, Wesley Tack's, Source mod: Off-Limits. http://www.moddb.com/mods/off-limits The mod uses Desura for distribution http://www.desura.com/ which I hadn't used before either. I took the recent closed beta for a spin this week and think it looks exceptional. I haven't had a play yet so can't comment on gameplay. Hopefully I'll find or organise an Australian server over the next couple of weeks when I find some spare time.
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