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  1. I really enjoyed the present that you left for me to remember you by! You know, the 20 or so missing textures that I had to go through your PSDs and re-save in order to get your texture container to compile Good luck Philip! Now go make some kickass nexgen shit! Ok, maybe not now now, but now.. then. Anyway, you the man! <3
  2. I like it! I think the menu problems can be atleast partially solved if you load an expanded menu page when the user clicks one of the main categories. Since the cursor changes when I hover over Training for example I expect something to happen when I click it - but nothing happens. If you just make a page for each category with expanded descriptions of each subcategory I think it would be very useful. Other than that it looks alot more fresh than the old one, which granted had it's oldschool charm - but was surely due for an introduction into the new millenium
  3. Sometimes the obvious answer is the best
  4. Nurb

    The random model thread!

    Welcome to mapcore Dorothy Wow, you have such a great quantity of fantastic work! Really impressive portfolio. Feel free to post in the portfolio or work release forum as well, as this thread is more for spamming wip levels and models really. I mean, it would be a shame to see finished work such as yours get drowned in wip stuff; it deserves it's own display
  5. I think it looks great capone. The one thing I miss the most is the extra props - small stuff to give a better sense of scale, but you are allready on top of that as you listed. If there is one specific area that I think could use an extra bit of love it is the roof of the big white building. It comes across as very massive and plain for it's level of detail. Consider modelling out some of the details there.
  6. Ok, I may have chosen the wrong words slightly. I didn't mean to say that TF2 is an uncomplex game, nor is L4D for that matter. But I think that the complexity in these games comes from how you play them rather than having mind boggling gameplay features. While TF2 obviously takes time to master it is still pretty easy to get into it thanks to relatively "few" choices and none of these being inherently bad ones for a new player. In Dota a large part of the complexity derives from the crazy number of choices that the player has to make, most of which are actually quite bad - especially for a new player. The core gameplay features of Dota certainly poses a higher threshold for a new player to climb past, and I would say that it is a tough(er) challenge to make these features accessible.
  7. Only Valve would do something like this and actually be able to pull it off. They think outside of the box; that's why they have Steam and a ton of now very valuable IPs. Whether you like it or not, it's the key to all of their success. I think Dota2 is another brilliant move. It's an unexploited but highly valuable IP. I don't know why neither HoN or LoL could (or would?) call their game Dota2 but appaerently Valve can. Kind of evil in a way I guess, but at the same time; both HoN and LoL where made way earlier, and if they didn't see the value in aquiring actual Dota IP name, I feel like it's their own shortcoming. The original name is always the strongest. It's like Coca Cola and Pepsi. Anyway, HoN is complex but lacks accessability. LoL is accessible, but lacks complexity. With L4D and TF2 on their belt, I think Valve can make a truly accessible multiplayer game, but can they retain the complexity and depth of Dota? Neither TF2 of L4D are complex games, and I think this will be the main obstacle for Valve.
  8. Nurb

    Photo Measurements

    I would scale the map until the straight angles (walls and such) are all 45 degrees. Then I would rotate the map 45 degrees to get a map to use as base. Made a quick illustration of this. The good thing is that you would be able to bring this into a 3dpackage and extrude shapes directly from the map layout.
  9. Looks pretty un-authentic to me :/ Everyone knows that a scifi-corridor has grating on the floor with steaming pipes running underneeth. NASA should do their homework before trying to maek gaems!1
  10. My line of thought: 1) "Sweet looking UDK level" 2) ... wait wha..? 3) No... no.. must be some mistake... 4) Holy duck. No.. that's not possible to do in Source. 5-55) Brain flipping out, lying spastic on the floor. 56) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Luke Skywalker style) 57-107) Hallucinating, fighting off ringwraiths in the ceiling. 108) Slowly finding a way back to reality... 109) Crazy awesome stuff man
  11. Very useful tutorial Philip, thanks for sharing
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