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Creative Suite 1 / 2 HELP! :(


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Dear mapcore,

Please help me in my darkest hour. I advised a friend to buy cs3 upgrade instead of full to save a few bucks (he refused to pirate it). I thought he could use a cracked serial to do this so I supplied him with it and it didn't work. If anyone has a legit CS1 or CS2 serial number they could pass my way I would really appreciate it. This is a 100% legit copy of CS3 upgrade that he paid for, there's no shady business going on. It wont be registered with adobe(macromedia) and won't effect your copy in any way. Please please please fish out that old cd case for your beloved duffy.

P.S. my account got messed up in the port to the new forums and I lost my impressive post count. damn you.

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