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  1. This is pitch perfect. When I first scrolled past, I was like, "hey it's my neighborhood!" I see a lot of screenshots of people trying to get the feel of a certain city and it's usually with mixed results, buy you nailed it. Would love to see you take a stab at a full level.
  2. Yeah I think you're right. That will probably be the first thing I change if I ever get around to a redesign -- bigger pictures, bigger font, and have the info about the levels and games utilize more screen real estate. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. The last game I worked on just got released so I figure it's time for an update and some fresh eyes looking at my work. http://tomhanrahan.net/
  4. The "Mapping Help" thread on func_msgboard is a great resource for Quake specific level design questions. You might try asking there if you don't find a solution (and it's a good resource in case you run into anything in the future) http://celephais.net/board/view_thread.php?id=4&start=14675
  5. Looks good, but for some reason the slope on those 1:1 staircases is bugging me. I'm sure they must work fine but the aesthetic doesn't look right...too steep. Otherwise looks like it's shaping up nicely
  6. Please tell me the name of the person who runs your studio is George Lycus
  7. I agree with your assessment that you should probably have some images as soon as you load the page. It seems like a waste of space. Most importantly, I think you need more content overall. You only have 3 images in your 2d Art section, 2 top down screenshots in your Levels section, and an overall dearth of content in your portfolio. The formatting and the way it's laid out and everything is fine though.
  8. A company has no obligation to tell anyone why they didn't get a job. In the cases you're talking about where someone is clearly skilled but still not right for the position and maybe you don't want to offend them if the potential is there to hire them later, it's not rude at all to say exactly that. "You're very skilled but not right for the position at this time."
  9. - Establish the first (to my knowledge) game company in the Canary Islands - Fill a big pool full of gold coins and swim in it a la Scrooge McDuck - Forgive all the kids I bullied in school for being such nerds
  10. I'll take it if no one's claimed it! Was about to buy it today, but got Dishonored instead!
  11. Cool stuff Skacky. If you're not already, you should post your stuff over at func_msgboard. It's a more Quake-focused site and you'll probably get more specific feedback there. More specific than "cool stuff"
  12. Wrong forum ; ) http://celephais.net/board/
  13. From an old CS:S map I started way back in 2005, I love 2 make mines~~ It takes special talent to make the Source engine look this bad haha
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