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  1. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    Samantha Bee is funny too. Keith Olbermann is good, although not if you're looking for humor.
  2. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    So long Flynn. Puzder just withdrew his nomination for DOL. Who's next? I like how most of the Republicans are all huffy and puffy about the fact Flynn's lying got leaked to the media. Same guys who said nothing about a foreign state hacking our officials and leaking that information, including classified documents. Oh wait that's because it was concerning HRC. NOW they get all butthurt about a leak. The fact that the president has known about this for a few weeks now and just happened to do something about it immediately after it got leaked... Yeah, awesome.
  3. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    At least a couple things check out.... They tweeted: "Word is Mexican Pres. cancelling upcoming meeting. POTUS plans twitter announcement to make it sound like his idea." at 6:12 AM on January 26. At 8:51 AM, DJT tweeted just such an announcement: "The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers...of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting." Then at 11:48 AM, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted: "This morning we informed the White House that I won’t attend the work meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with @POTUS" I can't verify that Rogue POTUS Staff was the first to leak that the meeting was cancelled or that POTUS was planning to pre-empt Pena Nieto about it, but it at least lines up awfully nicely.
  4. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    Agreed with Sigma. They've apparently walked back their green card holder ban a bit. So that is something. The completely reckless manner they went thru with this executive order is horrific. It is either brutal incompetence to not seek adequate council or issue a grace period, or it was deliberate to cause chaos. See the Bannon promotion. What he did with the NSC changes is posturing against the Chairman - he is only there if Trump wants him to be there. If he says things to contradict Trump or Bannon, do you think he'll be invited to the next meeting? With Trump's fragile ego and twisted world view, I doubt it. Consolidation of power. I do not think there is any coincidence that the countries on his ban list were already on a list from Obama. I'm sure he would have rather banned more, but to give him someone else to pin the blame on, he stuck with the list created under Obama. Regardless of the list, the ban is idiotic. There is no significant reason to do this. There are not any significant terrorist attacks in the US perpetrated by anyone from those countries. Our vetting process is already extremely tough. Regardless if HE didn't call it a "Muslim ban" (although he's used those exact words before), it sure looks and feels like it, especially to the people it effects. Do you think this ban encouraged or discouraged hatred of the US? Do you think the net will be positive or negative? Since the vast majority of our terrorist attacks are carried out by our own residents, do you think that increasing the hatred of our country by banning people from crossing our borders will increase the propensity for another US citizen to slip into radicalization?
  5. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    I'm really fucking tired of Trump referring to the trade deficit with Mexico like we're LOSING that money. No, idiot, it does not mean that. It means that we have a higher standard of living, our currency is more valuable. The reason we have a trade deficit is because it is CHEAP to make things there because they A) don't get paid as much (lower standard of living) and B) their currency is weaker than ours (a USD buys more...). If you want our trade deficit to be gone, you need to drive our standard of living and value of our currency down to the point that it no longer makes sense to buy things from Mexico, because it is just as cheap to build it here!!! Which is sort of what he's proposing. Tariff Mexican goods, artificially inflating their price. Congratulations, you've just artificially weakened the USD. Now a $1 buys $0.80 worth of goods. Victory! Mexico is not going to pay for that - they can't. A Mexican widget costs what it costs to make. They won't/can't just eat a 20% cut to their costs - they'll just raise the price of the widget accordingly. A tariff will ultimately come through as a higher end cost for the consumer. You know, US citizens. Brilliant. Since we can't feasibly maintain the same quality of living AND produce everything here, we'll go to the next place. Further south, more to China and Indonesia. So what then? Now we'll have big scary trade deficits with them. Tariff 'em! Worked for Mexico! Keep going down that road, it'll turn out great. It's exactly like going to the god damn grocery store. You have a trade deficit with the store. You buy a lot more things from them than they buy from you. Sure, you could grow all your own food and raise livestock and fabricate your own toilet paper, but it is much fucking cheaper to TRADE your money for it from someone who can do all that work for less than you could yourself! First world countries do not get their high standard of living and powerful currency from raw manufacture of goods. It comes from STEM. Focus on specialized goods, things that are cutting edge and low-volume that we are expertly equipped to make, that still command a high price because there isn't the tech in Mexico or China or wherever to undercut it... and by the time there is, we've already innovated on that. As an engineer, this shit pisses me off. We're at a crossroads, and yes, it's painful. Bulk manufacturing is dying here because we are too good for it! I know it hurts, factory workers losing their jobs, etc... but it has to happen! Either we shoot ourselves in the foot to keep those jobs around a little longer, or we push forward, make sure our future generations are equipped to innovate and create. That's what made America a world leader in the first place. Manufacturing, we loved you, but I think its time we moved on.
  6. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/01/25/today_in_trump_s_america_was_the_worst_day_yet.html [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!~ He's actually going to try to do all that batshit crazy garbage he's vomited forth for the past year(s)!! I wish he'd go back to just tweeting obnoxious shit.
  7. twiz

    The random model thread!

    Took a break from solid modeling and did some surface modeling for fun Done in Solidworks, so gimme a break I know there is a curvature/tangency error on the sill below the door; it has been fixed, just not in this render. ~8hrs of work on this. Ideas on the design are welcome!
  8. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    It was not a non-proliferation statement. That statement is perpetuating the issue. Lead by example. Don't expect everyone else to all of a sudden start reducing their stockpiles while the US is building more. "well no one else is doing the right thing so we don't have to either!!" is not diplomacy. Add on top of that, the stockpile in the US and Russia is already so obnoxiously and obviously "overkill" (literally. fucking literally.) that any move to increase is just a dick-waving power play. It does nothing in any realm of deterrence. No one is saying "shit, well we would have nuked 'em back when they only had 6970 nukes, but now they have 7500! Fuck that!". It was pure grandiose, pure arrogance, flaunt-your-might bullshit. It only serves to aggravate issues. The bullshit, hypocritical line at the end only serves as a backdoor way out to say "no! See, I really don't like nukes! everything is fine!" A non-proliferation message would have been a declaration that we would reduce our stockpile by 90-95% and invest instead in continuing development of anti-missile techs, as well as diplomacy. Protect ourselves from the threat directly, instead of ever-escalating mutually assured destruction. (by the way, if we reduced our stockpile by 95%, we'd still have the second-most nukes in the world.)
  9. S4, goodbye my friend, you will be missed... Oh, hello SQ5.
  10. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    One more note - What I think will be telling of what we're in for will be the following: Does he, when he gets sworn in, proceed with his claim to appointing a special prosecutor to look into HRC. That is something he could do with little pushback or checks on his authority, and would indicate just how fragile and vengeful he is. What, if anything, does he do to move against the press and freedom of speech and libel laws. What does he tweet from @POTUS. His Twitter has been the mouthpiece of much of his most heinous rhetoric, and I think it could give an early insight into his level of respect for the office he has been trusted with, and whether he plans on toning his hateful speech down.
  11. twiz

    POTUS 2016

    I really really hope you are correct about the toning down of his rhetoric, but I would be quite shocked if he did. I just don't think he's that type of person, he's loud and crass and always has been. There are moments in which he speaks in a respectable manner, but those are fleeting at best. I think with this election win and huge buff on his ego, he will be more of himself. After winning while wholly rejecting the notion that he has to be in any way respectful of others, while everyone was calling for him to tone it down, I think if anything he will be emboldened to say and do as he pleases regardless of what the GOP establishment wants. It will be interesting to see how the Senate and House check him. It is disheartening that he has a majority Congress throughout, but at least it is a slim majority. As we have all seen through the years, partisanship runs extremely deep here. Many many Republicans have rationalized even his most batshit crazy ideas throughout the campaign. After 8 years of Democratic leadership in the White House, I think the GOP gov't will be eager to push their issues and in doing so let some of his craziness pass along with it. I don't think Trump would use nukes against Russia. I am afraid of him using them against other countries though. He has said things along those lines many times - though I believe and hope this was just verbal bully posturing, and not something he would actually act upon. He is a bully, and I hope he just sticks to being an all-talk bully. He and Putin are both self-centered, self-aggrandizing bullies. They both stroke each other's and their own egos, and by doing so maybe they will get along famously and maybe the animosity between the countries will assuage. However, their friendship will be balanced on a razor's edge. If they can maintain that balance, things will be fine. But if Putin rubs Trump the wrong way, given Trump's fragile ego and volatility, it could set off a shit storm (probably via @POTUS on twitter ). Trump would run his mouth and Putin would lash back. I hope those close to Trump will be able to stop the spiral. All that said... Today is the first time I can truly say I am wholly ashamed of my country. I can't tell if I'm rationalizing with myself or not - but for my own sanity, I have to believe that this was not primarily a YES for Donald Trump, or even a "lesser of two evils" vote, but in the largest part a "fuck you" to the government. I cannot believe that 50% of the people in this country would choose bigotry, racism, xenophobia, machoism, bullying, crudeness, extraordinary sexism, exclusionism, islamophobia, antisemitism, arrogance, selfishness, and hatred. I cannot believe that 50% of people would really think that is the lesser of the two evils. I can believe that 50% are so disappointed with our system that they want to burn it down, that it feels good to proudly pound up two big middle fingers to the heart of our government. I hope that we struggle through the next two years, that they aren't quite as damaging to our country and values as I dread they might be... And centrists and liberals and progressives come out loud and strong and proud and with a renewed vigor for inclusion of all peoples that has apparently been lost, and vote in a strong Dem Congress to block Trump's craziest schemes. And continue that strength for the following two, til the next Presidential Election.
  12. To my uninformed mind, it sounds like doing nothing is the best thing right now.. as long as you don't give the vulnerable sites reason to put your information in memory, I don't see why they would. Changing your password would definitely put your info in memory, so it seems like laying low is the best strategy until the exploit is fixed.. But again, I'm not a programmer or really familiar at all with the details of the exploit, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. 50/50/50/0/0 the zeros are for no job or social/love life
  14. Korean style spicy beef shortrib soup w/ leeks... it was incredible
  15. Standing rib roast/bleu cheese and wine gravy/mashed potatoes/fried okra with chipotle aioli
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