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  1. Please dont get me wrong, i dont want to troll or something like that... The QC version of BloodRun just looks "not that good", thats just cosmetic(iirc ZTN´s bloodrun was the very very first nice custom q3-map followed by LUNARAN´s Coriolis Storm) But playing BloodRun in Duel feels so slow! The problem with the maps is just like, they have to make them work with all the different playstyles/champs. I like the small layout-changes in QC´s BloodRun and i think they add fun/depth to the different playstyles. I updated my PC and cant play a single match since the last update, i always get disconnect midgame... This Game should just not be open "BETA" for everyone... To me its a buggy ALPHA! To me its like ID has lost the "quake-style"- if you know what i mean... Its a shooter with id-chars, but its not as fun as q3a or even q2. Sorry if i pissed on someones shoes, but it had to be said (in my poor english)! :/ Maybe i was a dreamer wishing back the fun good q3-times and crashed into reality.. Now im BITTERMAN!
  2. This looks great, im sure the guys at machine games will do the same good job like they did with the last 2 wolfs! Liiiieseeel!!!
  3. So in the last weeks/months my feelings changed from "soo-hyped" to "i dont know what to say" to "what the hell is this"... Its really sad! The new maps just look terrible, still massive problems on tech, netcode... Its really a shame for the Quake franchise imho. Has anyone infos who is making those maps? I dont want to see this game to fail caused by incompetence, i really love quake/doom/id... But this is a nogo!
  4. @grapen Awesome ceiling man, great job!
  5. Looks good, maybe a bit too clean! I would suggest to add color-drips and color-fadeings (and maybe some half-footprints) to the floors (just next to the painted walls). Like in this picture: Theres always a good amount of color dripping/spraying down to the floor
  6. Small update with fast lighting, still alot todo: I want to use darker floor-trims in the next build. But i have to talk about that with the Author (sock).
  7. Here are my first steps in gtkradiant. I want to do some prefabs for later maps (QL) Textures are Socks Industrial´s.
  8. Hi, im working on this QL map for quite a long time now, time to finish it. Lighting needs some tuning, some areas need detailwork and decals need to be placed.
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