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  1. I have only seen a playthrough, haven't played it myself but the gun play is what most sticks out for this one for sure
  2. Infinity War is worth to watch. Just take me for my word!
  3. This interview with Ridley Scott is fucking amazing. http://www.vulture.com/2017/12/ridley-scott-all-the-money-in-the-world-reshoots.html
  4. I binge-watched S1&2 this January when S2 came out and can't wait for S3. If you really still want to watch it @blackdog, I think you should just leave that for your next holidays (if there are any) and binge them before S3 hits release.
  5. Yeah, that might be the case. So, there are two situations which are pretty similar in the film. Both show him feeling the falling snow. First time he is realizing he might be b*** naturally. The second time it's the feeling, that yes, indeed, he thought that but in fact he isn't. But he still felt it. Symbolising that his 'race' is indeed capable to feel and do something greater. I might be explaining the obvious here though.
  6. Watched it today and loved it. Definitely one of the best films that I've seen in a while. Sets, colors, sound, music, atmosphere, characters, story - it's all authentic (at least to me). Don't feel like I've been tricked as it serves its purpose without going too much into detail, s/ @blackdog. So, if you like a dystopic masterpiece raining down on you, go see it, definitely worth the watch.
  7. Deathy

    What I'm Working On

    Wow, lovely production. This looks like it is straight from an AAA title, holy...
  8. Okay, thank you for clarifying and the work you are putting in this.
  9. May I ask why Mapcore isn't running on https? Because there shouldn't be a reason for running unsecured.
  10. Deathy

    POTUS 2016

    @[HP] This is gold. No need for satire these days.
  11. can you confirm? I read something about enemies running in straight lines towards you therefore running backwards is the best strategy. tbh, I just want to finally play Gibhard. LUL
  12. Wow, what.. that's freaking nice.
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