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  1. Simonay

    [CSGO] Sneak

    Hi everyone. After a long break from mapping I've decided to polish up an old level of mine, Sneak! Workshop link It features a custom game mode similar to free-for-all, but where everyone is given a silenced pistol. Other weapons and equipment can be found scattered around the map. The aim of the map/mode was to encourage sneaky gameplay - areas where better weapons can be found are very exposed; a flooded basement allows fast movement around the lower floor; windows, ladders and boosts allow for the quick traversal of all sides of the building. While it's certainly not perfect visually (namely the surrounding buildings) it's reached the point where I want to throw this out in the open and start working on other things. I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have! I'd certainly recommend grabbing a few friends to play with first though, the lack of objectives make the bots very stupid.
  2. Hi all, thanks for the responses! I've found the source of the problem to be the func_breakable_surf entities I've been using for windows - compiling the map having removed the windows fixed the crashing so this must be the issue. I remember changing the texture on them before the most recent save so this is shouldn't be too hard to fix. Now, It's getting late and I'm travelling tomorrow so I'll get to work on a fix asap, assume my lack of further responses to mean my problems are solved! Thanks again to you all for the help.
  3. Nope, 16 units above from foot to floor. I'll give this a try and report back tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion. Splendid idea! Likewise with what Lizard said I will give that a try as soon as I get back to work tomorrow, many thanks.
  4. Hi all, First time posting here in a looooong time, forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. That aside, I've found a strange problem with my map in that it appears to compile perfectly well but crashes after you pick a team. Sometimes the crash will be instant, other times it may take a few seconds. It also crashes if you try to spectate. I've tried recompiling the same vmf having undone as many changes I can think of (side note: TIL to make regular backups) that may have caused the crash but to no avail. The map runs a custom game mode but it also crashes when choosing other modes so I don't think this is an issue. The problem persists whether it's a fast or normal compile. I've also double checked the spawn positions but none seemed to be out of place. It's a very much complete map so I find it odd this is happening right now. I have a few very old versions I can go back to and restart from but I'd rather save the time and try to fix the current version. I've included the most recent compile log (from a fast compile) if this is any help. https://pastebin.com/jS43MPni Thanks in advance to everyone!
  5. I have to say, even as an aspiring level designer (rather than artist), this gave me a lot of insight into custom asset creation (certainly useful if I ever want to drag one of my tired friends to make a texture for me ) and iterations of map development as a whole. I've found it's always very difficult to let go of an initial idea that sounds great on paper, but doesn't really work in practice, and fortunately this shows me that even the very best of the trade have to go through those stages! So a damned fine article, keep being awesome.
  6. Simonay


    Awww shucks, I played this a while ago and it was a damned fine map. Good luck.
  7. Hello, I'm Simon and I have been mapping since last Easter, though I have never finished a project! I feel a little left out of what's going on in this scene so this is probably the best place to start. I'm looking to get into the game dev industry at some point, but in the meantime I'm struggling through my A-Levels (while making maps / learning to code on the side) with a hope to study computer science at a decent university and work my way up from there. Pretty much all of my maps are either unfinished layout-wise, unfinished detailing-wise, or their radars are broken. My most recent project, aim_ravine, should be the first map that I finish fully to the best of my ability (it's for a steam group competition many of you may know about). This seems like an awesome community and I hope to get on well with you all!
  8. Simonay

    [CS:GO] Aim_Ravine

    Please don't hit me for uploading an aim map http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=309159242 I recognize that place such as Mapcore isn't really the place to post aim maps seeing as they are dime-a-dozen, but I've recently entered the CS:GO SDK steam group's aim map competition and I am looking to gather as much feedback as possible. And anyway, surely that brush-based suspension bridge earns it a place on these forums on it's own! Thanks a bunch to anyone who has anything to say!
  9. *In case anyone is still reading this thread, which I somewhat doubt* I haven't uploaded this as soon as I planned because I'm making some serious changes to the layout surrounding bombsite B - it took me far too long to realize half of this map was carefully placed warehouses and crates, and the other half was an uninspired mess of the same. To address this, I'm re-working bombsite B to be in a car park outside the facility, while bombsite A remains as it is. I hope to also change the theme as soon as I can, as too many maps on the workshop and in-game are just something or other built into the side of a mountain, and I don't want to be part of that majority. As a result, more time is going into this initial stage than I planned. I haven't even been able to properly test the timings yet with friends due to holidays and whatnot.
  10. Certainly - that is one of the many things I plan on changing when I get home tomorrow (checking this on my phone atm). It didn't seem so bad in game, but it was slightly rushed, so I will spend more time on it in due course.
  11. Hi all, I've released a new map (currently in alpha) called de_purify - it's my first major project which I plan to see through to the bitter end, and I've just finished the first layout. - Not our finest moment, half of the playable area is shown to be completely black in some places... I've posted this the night before I go away for a few days, so unfortunately I have not been able to address some minor issues - these include some potential errors in prop placement, a faulty radar (black spaces and alignment problems are rife) and some timing issues in getting to some regions of the map, all of which will be addressed and fixed as soon as I get back. For this map, I've mostly been inspired by Dust2, Mirage and Cache and the mid reflects this the most, though some areas are completely original. I really let my mind wander when designing the layout, so I imagine there will probably be more balancing issues than I would like, but still, I believe I've created a fun and original layout that doesn't break the trends too much to feel out of place or ruin the mechanics of the game. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated (though I won't be able to reply for a few days). Lastly, de_Purify was the name I came up with while drafting this on paper (it was going to be set in some kind of water purification plant before I changed the setting) - any name suggestions would be awesome, though I appreciate that at this stage it's difficult to put a name to a bunch of grey cubes! Hey, I might even change the setting back to the purification plant - blowing up warehouses full of crates isn't the most original idea out there. Here is the download link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=295059042 Thanks, and have fun!
  12. Well, seems like the problem was simple all along - just a few holes in the world where my brushwork didn't quite line up or was messy, you get the idea. I feel quite silly seeing as the issue was such a common one. Anyway, it's fully compiled now so thanks a lot to both of you!
  13. Interesting, thanks a bunch - never realized that the compiler did that - I've never actually had leaks before so this is news to me, so cheers!
  14. I've just finished the greyboxing stage for a new map I'm making for CS:GO - the entire map is sealed, somewhat optimized and everything is ready for people to playtest it. However, I am unable to compile it due to every prop_static causing a leak, even though they are all thoroughly inside the map - has this happened to anyone else in the past? I've tried looking online and trying solutions other people have suggested, but non have worked - I'll list these below to save people suggesting the same thing: Disable radius culling - every compile I tried this was disabled. It wouldn't compile with it enabled either. Check the map name for spaces/capitals - was fine to start with. Remove any cordons I had created - I hadn't created any to start with, but creating one and deleting it made no change. Please note that when deleting the prop_static that the pointfile indicated, it would simply change to a new prop static after each compile, so I assume that every static prop is the cause of this. Please find attached my most recent compile log, hopefully all you clever souls reading this will understand it better than I do - all I can glean from it is the fact that there is a leaked prop! Thanks in advance for any suggestions - I'm going away for a few days tomorrow so excuse me if I don't reply immediately. Compile log displaying leak.txt
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