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  1. Getting back to mapping after a break for exams
  2. There's something about lights on wood
  3. @clankill3r Now that is cool. Time to try this in hammer.
  4. Making the most of the new nuke assets
  5. pB.

    [WIP] de_vision

    Just finished v23. The changes were based off of feedback from playtesting (thanks!!) as well as personal ideas. Here is an imgur link to an album of the changes. Nothing too drastic as people seemed to like the layout. Thanks for all the feedback!
  6. Working on the building for B site on de_vision
  7. pB.

    [WIP] de_vision

    We've got a bunch of references so hopefully we can maintain a constant style throughout. As for the bombsites, we need to have a play around with some different ideas but you're right about them being a bit boring at the moment
  8. pB.

    [WIP] de_vision

    Been a while since my last map but REz' and I have been collabing on a new competitve map. It's called De_Vision and is based in a modern art gallery. Unlike Rez's and my previous mapping attempts, this one has been planned from the beggining so it will be interesting to see how this one goes. It's got a simple mid with a bridge at the T end to give an advantage to Ts in mid, allowing them to more easily control the centre or the map. A is a simple site with one main T enterance and a small enterance only accesible by a boost. This should hopefully make pure skill based play more of an option on this site to make it fun for gamemodes such as casual. B on the other hand has 2 enterances for each team as well as an alternative route up the side of the site for flanking and more tactical play. Here is the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=537713719 And here are some screenshots: Hope you enjoy the map and don't hesitate to give feedback, REz' and pb
  9. Thanks a lot for doing this! Now I can cry at what the competition is more easily...
  10. Thanks for the playtest! @'RZL, please may you upload the chat logs, feedback etc.
  11. pB.


    Just some screenshots of the updated map
  12. pB.


    Thanks a lot!
  13. pB.


    Thanks a lot for this comment. After the previous playtesting it was obvious that there was something wrong with it and this is the result!
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