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  1. Fellows, Just to let you know, I won't be able to participate on this contest anymore, due to not having the time I was hoping for on October. I think I'll use some of the assets I've already set-up for this project onto another one, but sadly I can't finish this map in time. The maps being done are really good ! Good luck for all entrants and keep up the awesome work !
  2. Nice idea, you can do it ! I recommend doing a heavy search on the cities around normandy since they follow almost the same architecture of that area in France. I've searched a little and found some pics that can help you have a general idea: this is a mod for Arma2: http://www.moddb.com/mods/invasion-19441/images This one also follow the same name of your map, so I think it's not a problem at all. http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/fh2_maps.php?map=30 Keep up and good luck !
  3. Yeah, I made the icon like that but it didn't looked so good, I think I'll use those on the maps as a model.
  4. After messing around with theaters I think I broke something, now the bots can't attack the opposing team, even without a theater override.. It's all default (americans vs axis) and they don't attack each other. am I doing somehting wrong ? The map config file: I just tested with the official maps, same problem, did I or it broke after the update?
  5. Alright ! Got the logo and name working just with the theater script and the "mp_theater_override" command, made a decent logo with alpha, but sadly I can't include a team on the theater that doesn't exists on the game's source code, I can only override an existing team. The new logo for Japan: and the Team/Squad selection menu: That works imo, what do you think ?
  6. After some digging in the scripts folder in misc.vpk I found some theaters that can add teams/weapons/models/classes into the game. I didn't test if I can override those with the "mp_theater_override" command to run only on the map, but I made a logo on paint, a entry on "resource/doi_english.txt" to display "Imperial Japanese Army" and a theater script with the team "japanese" with the paths for both the logo and the text. This is the result I got: I'm not sure where that commonwealth logo came from, but I'm just testing this out.. Oh and uh, for some reason, the bots that spawned on the Japanese team had no weapons:
  7. Well, I was thinking in making some basic skins for the imperial army and maybe some logos, but this is as far as I can go from what I could see on the script side of DoI, but I'll dig further. I would love to see the imperial jap army included.
  8. Hello guys! I decided do bring a very ambitious idea to DOI. This is the setting I`m hoping to bring to life: GUADALCANAL - Solomon Islands - October 1942 On this map, I'm planning to make a very dense and narrow forest around the Henderson Field with some photo references: The airfield is way to open and large to recreate on scale, so I'm planning to reduce the size of the airfield, as it was "under construction" on that time, and with that some fresh cut trees. At first I wanted to create a forest battle, with rivers and high bushes, but I still don't know where to start if I were to make that. Maybe before the airfield, crossing a river inside the forest, capturing points and then proceeding to capture the airfield, if that makes any sense. Features: Planes crossing the sky and dropping bombs on random locations outside the battle zone Usable heavy machine guns and mortars (?) More... Teams: USA vs JAPAN Layout: Not done yet, but since this is an offensive map, it'll start on the dense forest, with the USA defending the first point on a river of somekind inside the perimiter of the airfield, the last point will be inside the airfield. Covers and Lines of Fire: Covers will consist of high trees, bushes, sand bags, river beds and rocks. The lines of fire still need some heavy planning. This is what I have for now, I'll be posting updates as soon as I make something!
  9. There's some entities that keep their last values between rounds, like func_brush(es) Anyway thanks for the help !
  10. Well, the eventlistener just runs the round_end when the team filter is "don't care", it don't fire when the filter is team(orange) or (blue). I did almost the same thing you did in this test map, the difference is that I was using the team filter. I know that the round_end event returns 3 vars: (byte) Winner Team (byte) Reason (string) Round End Message Is there any way I can read the logic_eventlistener inside the Vscript and get this vars ? BTW, the trigger_multiple with the filter_activator_team for both teams can do the trick for a while, as it takes only 4 entities and the rest the vscript will handle. Thank you !
  11. As I said, it's pretty simple, round ends when the all players of one of the teams die. I don't know yet if I'll make them respawn, but let's say they spawn only once. More detailed, at the end of each round, check which team won, if it's the CT, then run a function called CTWon() incrementing a count var to make changes in the future. Same thing with the TR's using a function TRWon() also incrementing/decrementing as they won or lose. This functions will then be called when they reach a certain value in the count vars, making the map changes for the next round. Using for example func_brushes, wall_toggles, EntFire, EntSpawn, PropSpawn, etc. For example, the CT's won 3 consecutives rounds, incrementing a value of 1 each, the count var will have 3, when the 3 is compared in the Vscript, it will them make changes to the map. What happens if they lose ? Decrement a value of one. Same for the Tr's. I can run functions with the logic_eventlistener but not the one that I need, that is the "round_end" one. L4D2 has a OnGameEvent_Event_x function, not implemented in CSGO tho. Hope you understand.
  12. Thanks, What I want to do is simple, I want to check which team won the round. The gamemode is custom, so it can't run on events like bomb_defused or bomb_exploded (same for hostage/vip/gg) For example, if CT won the round then it increments a var "CTWinnings", when it reachs certain value it starts to modify the map via entfire and propspawn functions. I don't want to force a round to end, what I want is simple to check which team won. I'd tried to use the events like round_end and the logic_eventlistener but it don't work. Only works with other game events when the round is active.
  13. Sorry, didn't specify the game, it's for CSGO.
  14. I'm trying to create a map that adjust itself based on the number of victories of each team. (CSGO SDK) For this I need to run a vscript file at every round checking which team won. I tried to use the logic_eventlistener using the event "round_end" and running a vscript file with no sucess. It works with a event that happen more often, like "bullet impact" but not with round_end. Is there any way I can check the team than won at the end of each round ?
  15. NickMBR


    Just one word, AWESOME ! Loving every unit of this map, every place is unique and has this feeling that I'm in there. The sense of scale and immersion in this map is purely amazing. Congratz FMPONE and TED for this release, going to test it right now. PS.: The donwload link is linking me to the Crown map.
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