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  1. de_drone Looks good but like said above, the run down buildings just dont fit well
  2. There's a pretty good amount of height variation as is. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the pool side is the lowest point, next in order of height it T spawn, then mid/ fountain side, and then CT side it the highest up. It's about 3 players high from pool to ct. As for the colors I'll think about it. I would like to make an ACTUAL comp map using raid as inspiration. This is just a fun project. Flowers are still coming ;P
  3. Think it's more than about time for an update: T Spawn coming together slowly but surely- Kitchen [CT's path to mid]- New overview of map-
  4. Demolitions


    It looks a tad bit too open IMO
  5. Still need to yank the normal maps out of bo2, burbut thats for later. The lighting is juat copied from dust2 for now. Was thinking the militia_hdr skybox. Something California dry summer feeling.
  6. For visuals but probably not to be accessed by the players. Seemed a bit rough for gameplay
  7. Better lighting, and the layout so far [subject to change a bit to play better]:
  8. This is just a map for fun really. It might become it's own map later on, but for right now it's just practice for me. It's NOT to scale completely, and NOT an exact copy. I closed off some routes to make it more accessible for csgo. I'm still working on de_event, i've just hit a road block, and wanted to do a map for fun though I might make it for Double Action when I am done,. Still early and rough bsp work:
  9. The main thing i found during the play test is the rotation times. About 7 seconds for both ways. Thats a bit fast
  10. Between all the boat maps, and all the recent arctic maps people are making, they are going to have to call the next operation Boats and Snows.
  11. Demolitions

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    Agree'd. It's okay done once, but 2 right next to each other looks weird. I hesitate to say it looks almost lazy considering the rest of the map, and work put into it. Maybe put in a detailed wall their instead?
  12. Which maps have 10 seconds or less? I've only seen close to 15
  13. Huh? There's paths from mid to both sites. Edit: unless you mean the actualy path TO A, and not A site itself.
  14. There's a spotlight and light under it. I just copied it from Office at the last second, just for the purposes of the map test the next morning. I sent the map in a little late to RZL lol. I've been playing with the color a bit since.
  15. Demolitions

    [csgo] cs_cruise

    "What am I" is something I ask myself everyday. 2deep. I found this: http://c3270052.r52.cf0.rackcdn.com/slideshows/The-Royal-Princess-New-Cruise-Ship-Pool-Deck-5.jpgMaybe instead of blue chairs, some brick red, or a slightly muted candy apple? a nice robust orange wood, with pastel sections of floor, lined with khaki trim.
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