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  1. I've been trying out Substance Painter demo and was thinking about using it to texture my custom props for CSGO. Unlike the source engine, it uses a PBR shader as standard. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using it for CSGO, and how you would set it up for use with the engine. What maps can you add to a texture or material for the source engine? It seems slightly more basic than the Unreal Engine. I was also thinking about giving Substance Designer a try to for making some custom textures. The latest maps in CSGO use hi-res textures, is there any guidelines on how and when to use them, do they have a significant effect on rendering or FPS?
  2. On the submission form it says, "Please take more time iterating your level before submitting again". Could you please explain what you mean by this? I've addressed pretty much everything that was raised during the last playtest.
  3. I've made some amendments following last Sunday's playtest. I've addressed most of the issues raised and made a few adjustments of my own. I'm planning on testing it again soon, so if you have any thoughts on the changes I've made, then please let me know! Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=845638379 Changes: -Made plant zone at B narrower -Increased the size of the buy zones -Fixed the clipping on the lorry and truck at B -Added stairs in place of the ladder in the warehouse window room -Removed the forklift in the warehouse entrance at A -Added a hiding place in the room overlooking B to enable Ts to cover the bomb once planted -Added a screen behind the mid window to block unwanted lines of sight -Changed the cover at the choke point at the A side entrance; CTs can now cover the opening from within the fenced area from behind a box -Moved the entrance to the window room at A tunnels -Moved the blocked entrance at CT-side of the warehouse in order to utilise it for cover Overview: Screenshots:
  4. Hi guys, just submitted my map for playtesting this Sunday, hope it isn't too short notice. Hope to see you there!
  5. Hi there! Welcome to the forums and thanks for your input. I will definitely try the things you have suggested, they all seem to make sense! I'm sometimes a bit stuck for ideas when it comes to placing cover, so I'm very grateful for your opinions on that matter. A lot of people have said that I should lose the underground section. I've tried a lot of different ways of implementing it because I liked the idea, but I suppose ultimately it is unnecessary and it's about time I just got rid of it.
  6. Hello, I've recently tried my hand at sorting out some of the issues that this map suffers from, as were mentioned in previous playtests that happened a while ago. I was toying with the idea of changing B, as the bombsites seemed too close together for my liking. I have moved it to be beside a building which I have extended in order to space the map apart. I have also changed the layout of some of the existing routes. I was hoping to playtest this map again soon, but I thought it would be best to get some feedback first before I submit it. I would appreciate any thoughts! Here's the Workshop link if you'd like to have a run around. I had problems packing the .nav file, but it only takes a minute or to to build (on my PC anyway!): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839086804 ...And here's some slightly underwhelming screenshots of the changes I've made on the B side of the map, along with the overview of the revised layout:
  7. Looks good mate, keep it up! I'm currently working on a very similar map, I feel like I'll be accused of copying you when I finally have something to show!
  8. It's really quick to calculate the angle, it probably depends on how accurate you need to be. With a large object, like a barrier or a railing for example, I find it easier to do it this way than by eye.
  9. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the angle of the slope, then place the object in question on the slope. Press Ctrl-M to rotate the object around the appropriate axis by a set numeric value; you may have to enter the angle as a negative value depending on the direction of the rotation. This is a handy tool to help you calculate the angle: http://www.csgnetwork.com/righttricalc.html
  10. Hello all, I've made some recent changes to my map in order to address some issues raised during the last playtest. I'm starting to think that level design really isn't my forte, but at the same time I don't want all the effort I've already put into it go to waste. If you are already familiar with my map from previous playtest I would appreciate your thoughts on the changes I've made. These are the steps at mid. I've blocked off the entrance to the left of the window and made the window larger and easier to jump through. Steps at mid. Steps at mid. Entrance to side building at B long. The lower floor of the side building. I've done away with the steps up to the window room in favour of a ladder. I decided to do this because I felt that it was too easy for the Ts to take the window room and too hard for the CTs to defend mid from the window. The doorway on the left leads to the mid steps, and the far doorway leads to the tunnel. A few people on previous playtests have said that they thought that the tunnel was redundant, and should be removed entirely. I figured that if there was a route into mid via the stairs, there may be more point to it. This will probably be the last time I try and make it work before it goes. The upper floor of the side building and the top of the ladder. I've closed off the unwanted space on the upper floor. It may not be apparent from this screenshot, but the entrance to the window room is now more of a doorway than a big opening. This will hopefully mean that Ts rushing through mid and past the window will find the window room easier to check and are less likely to be shot in the back on the way to A. The tunnel entrance at A side. I've added a window so that the people can cover the corridor leading out to the side yard. The view from the window at A side. The steps down to the tunnel at A side. I haven't made any changes to this area. The reason that I included it is that I was considering blocking this entrance off, and was wondering what people's thoughts on this idea were? These last screenshots are of the long route to B. There was a lot of criticism of this area in the last playtest. I've been thinking of ways to improve it, with ideas ranging from a radical redesign to simply adding and rearranging some cover. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would be very grateful, I'm not really sure what to do with it to be honest. I would like to playtest this map again soon, so I thought it would be a good idea to make sure that there isn't anything obviously wrong with the layout before I submit it.
  11. Yeah, I'm gonna get rid of it. Tried a few ways to make it work but probably be best without it.
  12. Have it set in the Coliseum itself with lions and epic chariot races.
  13. Yeah I need to do something about the connecting paths, I'll probably try blocking part of it off so there is no longer a route to A (worth trying at least). No one seemed to go mid during the playtest, I'd hoped it would be the hardest to get through for Ts and bear the greatest reward. I also wanted it to be the main area of focus for the map. Didn't really play out that way.
  14. If anyone involved in tonight's playtest of my map, de_docks, could leave any feedback I would appreciate it!
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