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  1. Thanks for the few answers. I see most people seem to be interested yet know almost as much as I do about this. I may do some research myself if I get the will to do so. Simple as going into a few maps, looking around and checking common positions. Thanks anyways.
  2. I know there are some shadows in CSGO maps for gameplay purposes, (for example the shadow in long A in Dust 2, if you´re in the shadow you´re save from anyone in doors, if you´re outside the shadow, anyone from doors can see you). I´d like to get a list or examples of at least a few other intentionally placed shadows.
  3. Will there be factions or will it be FFA? As in, you can´t kill people from your nation (or at least shouldn´t) and you have to kinda work together to fight the enemy.
  4. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    From these 2 comments here is what I think I can do to improve:
  5. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Hmm, I see. To make it harder for Ts to get to B site I could switch the walls so the Ts have to go around. As of the ruins in the middle... they´re mostly there for aesthetic reasons to make the map look "denser." But I may open up a path if I see that could make gameplay better. I do have to work on the long sightlines, true. But I´m taking my time. I´m currently in "exam era" so I´m not putting much time to mapping.
  6. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Sooo, the layout is basically done, here it is:
  7. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    So making the ruins and B site was easier and faster than expected. Here´s an early look at b site:
  8. Oh ok, I understood the problem was present when running the map in csgo. Idk then. Just reinstall Hammer?
  9. Maybe the compile settings are different and may be causing the problem.
  10. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    yep, still got to add a lot of cover and walls. This was just a quick "finish" to get it on the workshop. Hopefully get some feedback and place walls and cover depending on the feedback.
  11. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    As I said, I mostly finished both mid and A site. Here it is on the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700501278 I still need to add cover though, but I´d like to take some feedback on which parts of the map it´d be best to add cover.
  12. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Ohh, wow... that´s the 3rd best thing that´s happened to me today and possibly all year. Really makes me feel good to see that my favourite "map maker" commented here. Thanks a lot!
  13. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Updates from today: Wooden planks can be broken. I want to make A site and mid first, then release it on the workshop and whilst I´m making B, adjust A according to the feedback received.
  14. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    Okay, I see why most people don't like the varve tool, it leaves air of geometry which is hard to see through. I will keep the domes however, at least until I start seeing performance drops which I will then work on the domes tobhabe them better optimized I'm mostly gonna center on this area. It will not be so open as you see in the pic, I have already been thinking of various ways to make it a closed map. It won't be a 1:1 sketch of the real place.
  15. RedHawk

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    M8, chill. The game is still running at 300fps (which is my max) when looking straight at them. I still have to tweek them a bit though too, and will certainly will have to work on the optimization when I need to. The arch on the left is made choosing the "arch" option when creating a block.
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